Fact time

DeathtoStock_Creative Community1Seeing as I’m completely new to this, and this is will be my first proper post I figured I will use it to give you chance to get to know me a little better. Here are 10 weird facts about myself…

  1. My left ear is higher than my right ear
  2. I love eating raw pizza dough, and raw chips
  3. I have unhealthy obsession with candles
  4. I have to use a little footstool to be able to reach anything in my kitchen cupboard
  5. If I have coco-pops, I have to have sugar on them even though they ridiculously sweet by themselves
  6. I can’t deal with big crowds or lots of people in one place
  7. I heavily believe in the healing properties and powers of gemstones
  8. I have 4 titanium rods in my spine and lower fusion
  9. Much to my boyfriends annoyance, I have enough scarves to open a shop
  10. I’m deaf in my left ear but hardly ever wear my hearing aid so I can ignore annoying people and have an excuse for it


There are probably plenty more where they cam from but I can’t think of anymore right now!


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