Foreign words the English Language should adopt: Part 1


So, in light of the name of my blog I decided to share with you words from various language that I think the English Language should steal..

1. Obviously, I’m going to start with Komoberi…
Komoberi originates from the Japanese language, and literally translates to the sun filtering through the tree’s. Beautiful, right?

2. Mudita
This is a Buddhist teaching that means unselfish joy or finding delight in other peoples happiness and success.

3. Embasan
The fact that there is word for this just makes me so happy. This word means taking a bath, with clothes on and it derives from the Filipino language.

4. Voorpret
This is Dutch word and it means pre-fun, the excitement or buzz you experience before you go out to a party or to meet friends.

5. Fernweh
This German word means a craving to travel or missing a place that you have never visited before.

6. Meraki
This one is a personal favourite of mine. It has Greek origins and it means to do something with soul, creativity or love. The essence of losing a piece of yourself in your work.

7. Jayus
You know that awkward moment when someone tells a terrible joke that is so not funny that you laugh? Yeah, there’s a word for that and it’s from Indonesia.

8. Gigil
Another word from the Filipino language and it describes the overwhelming urge to squeeze something really cute.

9. Hygee
A Danish word meaning the absence of something annoying or taking pleasure in soothing things.

10. Tidsoptimist
Again, another fav and the perfect description of my mum! This Swedish word describes a person that is always late because they think they have more time than they do; literally a time optimist.

11. Nunchi
A Korean word that describes the ability to gauge or read others moods, to be able to read an atmosphere and react in the right way.

12. Iktsuarpok
You know when you get all curtain twitchy and keep checking outside when you are waiting for someone show? This Inuit word is the word for that.

13. Mencolek
This one makes me giggle. You know that trick people play when they lightly touch someone on the shoulder from behind to fool them? This word from Indonesia is the word for that.

There are so many weird and wonderful words from around the globe that we should all be using more often. Some of them are utterly ridiculous but some are just stunning.
Check out my page tomorrow for Foreign words the English Language should adopt: Part 2

Thank you for reading! 🙂



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