Dear 13 year old self

Well, happy birthday. You are now a teenager! Trust me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  I am writing this to you 6 years in the future, when you are 19 years old.

Now, first and foremost, you do have some hard times ahead of you. But, you also have some incredibly amazing times ahead of you as well.

Okay so, you know you keep complaining that your back hurts and everyone has a go at you for moaning? Yeah, you are right. Your back does hurt, you have fractured it in 5 places and you have multiple slipped discs. You’ll find that out pretty soon. You’re going to have a few little operations and they won’t do much, but in 2012 you will have a big operation and have 4 titanium rods put into your back and it will make the world of difference! It will still ache, but nothing compared to the pain you’re feeling now.

You are utterly convinced that you will be ‘forever alone’, aren’t you? Well, *spoiler alert*, a few months before your big op, you will meet the love of your life. He’s in the year above you, and it turns out… you went to nursery together. He’s an absolute life-saver, and he will love you with all of his heart and soul, as you will love him. 3 years after this, when you are at the age I am now, you will still be with him. It was a little rocky, and it wasn’t easy the whole way through but all the effort was worth it. You have a flat together now, and it’s incredible. I won’t reveal his name, because you might try and change the way it happens and you can’t do that. But let me tell you, he is the most amazing guy you will ever meet in your life, stop worrying about dying alone.

Next up, Daddy. All I am going to say here, is make the most of every single moment. We all know that he is poorly. And we all also know that he is a pain in the ass. But he can’t help it. Make sure you tell him you love him, make sure he knows that you are there with him. He’s super proud of you though, he thinks the absolute world of you. Some crazy things are going to happen, but it will be okay one day. When he phones at 3 in the morning, answer. When mum asks if you want to go with her to see him, go. When he is playing on your last nerve and all you want to do is scream at him, take a breath and compose yourself, then change the subject. He’s not very well, and unfortunately he’s not going to get better so just make sure you appreciate your time with him.

Also, you’ll meet Eleni soon. She is lush. She’ll become your best friend and you will love her to bits. Cherish her because she’s important part of your future life.

School is shit, I know that. Don’t stress too much about it, turns out… it’s really not that important. You get a pretty cool job eventually and you’ll meet some lovely people there.

The moral of the story, as it always is, is that it gets better so hang on in there.

Lots of love,

Kirsty x


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