Lazy Learner

Lazy Learners
DeathtoStock_Medium6Is there something you have also wanted to learn but have never got round to it?

There are quite few things I really want to learn but either haven’t got around to it or just cannot be bothered to put in the effort…

  1. Italian
    There is nothing about Italy that I do not love. Granted… I have never been. But I will one day! My life-long dream has always been to live in Italy, have a vineyard and make my own wine everyday with the love of my life. One day…
    I love the language, it just sounds so amazing. I have so many Italian phrase books, dictionaries, recipe books, attraction guides, etc. I have also even looked up the process of buying a house in Italy from England. I will learn it, but I think I would have to go to a class instead of self-teaching because I would get all the pronunciations all wrong.
  2. Knitting
    Might sound a little beyond my time, but can you imagine it …
    Oh, I love your jumper. Where did you get it?
    Oh you know.. I made it myself.
    How cool would that be? I would spend a fortune on yarn, wool, needles, patterns.. but I would save a fortune on knitwear.
  3. Piano
    How awesome would it be to just bash out a beautiful piece of music whenever you please. It would be another way to express yourself and I imagine it would be mega therapeutic. But that requires a lot of patience, and I’m not an overly patient person.
  4. To be able to curl/plait my own hair
    Believe it or not.. Jamie is the one who does my hair pretty much each morning. He curls my hair, french or fishtail plait. He also colours my hair. He’s bloody brilliant!


Is there anything that you have always wanted learn but never got round to?


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