Self-care Sunday

self care sundays

At the moment, I am in dire  need of some self-care so today I took it upon myself to treat myself to some me time. I had a very busy day yesterday, Jamie and I went to the Bath Christmas Markets with the rest of my family and they were absolutely stunning. However, I had not anticipated the volume of people that would be there! But it was super lovely and definitely kicked off that Christmassy feeling.

My week is always jam packed with work, so weekends are uber precious but there is always that debate of do I make the most of weekends and fill them full of fun things to do and seeing family and whatnot ooooor do I use it to relax and de-stress after a busy week? Well the blessing and the burden of the weekend is that there are two days, we would all love it to be longer I know but with it being two days longs means you have one day to do loads and the other day to relax.

I’ve digressed. I am going to try and do a self-care Sunday blog post every Sunday but I’m making no promises.

Here is how my Sunday went:

12pm: Wake up in a panic and grab my phone. Shit! It’s 12pm, I am beyond late for – oooh, it’s Sunday. One of the worst yet the best feelings ever, so I snuggled back down into bed and got cosy.

12.15pm: I must have dozed off again momentarily as I am awakened by the sweet smell of cooked breakfast. Seconds later, Jamie appears with a scrummy looking breakfast and a coffee. Aaaah!

12.30pm: Breakfast is all gobbled up and my tummy is beautifully full. So I get up, throw my slipper socks on and grab my book – oh, and several blankets and pillows. Plonk myself on the sofa, get comfy and read a bit of my book. By a bit, I mean about 300 pages. I got a bit carried awy.

2pm: Getting quite sleepy now so I put my book down and decide that I fancy a bath. Not just an ordinary bath, a bath fit for a Queen. So that means… half a bottle of bubbles so the water to bubble ratio is all off but it’s so much fun, 100’s of candles everywhere because there is nothing I love more than candles, because there are lots of candles I could turn the light off so that the atmospheres was so much more soothing and a glass of red. Absolutely heavenly.

3pm: Get out of the bath looking like a bit of a tomato because the water far too hot. Put my Hollister trackies on, my god there are so comfortable. Retreated back to blanket-filled sofa and guess what? IT’S CHRISTMAS MOVIE TIME! Usually, it annoys the hell out of me when everyone is getting all festive in November, but it’s the 29th today.. that’s close enough to December to get Christmassy right? So on went the Polar Express, the one film that certifies that it is Christmas for me. I bloody love it!

5.30pm: Blog! I decided that my weekend off blogging was over today, because I really quite enjoy blogging. So here I am!

What do you do for your self-care Sundays? If you don’t do self-care Sundays, you really should. It’s so much fun and it looks after the most important thing in your life… you.


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  1. After what sounds like a very hectic and enjoyable Saturday, glad your Sunday was the old fashioned ‘ day of rest’ . All ready to face the week ahead, I’m looking forward to the coming weeks blogs 😊

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