Places I would like to visit one day

DeathtoStock_NotStock7Okay, so when I am rich, I will travel the world. There are so many places I would like to visit for lots of different reasons. I’ve done a little bit of traveling so far, but nothing substantial. The odd long weekend away in France, or the latest was Amsterdam, but I want to spend months away and learn about different places and cultures and whatnot. Seeing as I love lists more than life itself, I am going to write one about all the places I aspire to go to one day …

  1. Italy
    This the absolute number one on my list. I have never been but I cannot describe my love for it. The food, the wine, the language, the landscapes, the buildings and especially … the Vespas. I, so far, have found nothing that I don’t like about it. So I have vowed to myself that one day, I will live there and I will have my own vineyard. And a pink Vespa.
  2. Budapest
    Jamie and I have wanted to go to Budapest for a long time. I only found out the other day that it is split in half by the river Danube, one side is really bumby and hilly and is called Buda and the other side is as flat of a pancake and is called Pest. You learn something new everyday! One of my main reasons for wanting to go there is that it is full of history and beautiful old buildings but it also has amazing nightlife. So yeah, when I’m rich.
  3. Greece
    So many people I know have been to Greece and I have heard such amazing things. The landscapes alone make my feet twitch. It’s full of culture and white beaches, and Greek food makes my tummy the happiest tummy of all. Plus, my bestfriend is Greek and she’s awesome.
  4. Zambia
    Not entirely sure why I would like to go Zambia, but something about the idea of seeing Elephants and Lions that aren’t locked up in a zoo is pushing me there. With absolutely stunning landscapes and wildlife, and the Luangwa Valley, Zambia is definitely in my top 5 of countries to visit. Not sure how I would survive the 10 hour flight though!
  5. Palau
    Scuba-diving, coral sites, well anything underwater really. It’s absolutely beautiful and the weather is utterly enviable. Oh, and the waterfalls. I’m a sucker for a waterfall! Again, full of culture and history… I’m sensing a theme here? Jelly fish lake looks really cool too, but I don’t really fancy taking a dip. Just a peek, from about 100 meters..

So there’s a little snippet of all the wonderful places on my to-do lists. There are 100’s more, but 5 will do for today. Which country’s are on your top 5 to go?


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