Christmas List!

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Okay, so seeing as Christmas is nearing our sights, I thought I would share with you my Christmas list. There will be two variations.. realistic and extremely unrealistc.

Realistic Christmas List…

  1. Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Trilogy by Ransom Riggs
    It is all about books for me, if I just received books for Christmas I would seriously be the happiest girl in the world.
  2. A colouring book full of intricate patterns and really fiddly things to colour.
    I have read about these on the internet and seriously need one! They are brilliant for stressful days because of their mindfulness qualities, proven to calm you down and bring you back to the here and now. I know my boyfriend has bought me one though because I had a sneaky look, oops..
  3. A good quality set of colouring pencils
    To go with the above, obviously. But there is something really satisfying about a proper set of colours, I’d look after them as if they were my baby!
  4. A pretty new diary for the year
    One of my favourite things to do at the end of the day is write in my diary, it is something I have done since I can remember. It’s my way of venting my anger or sadness, or fangirling about something or other, or just keeping track of what I do in a day.
  5. Sweet scented Candles!
    My love for candles is unreal. I have them everywhere. It’s my favourite way to decorate my flat. Lighting a few candles instead turning the lights one is a brilliant way to create a softer atmosphere, save money on electric and they provide quite substantial amount of heat.
  6. Knitwear
    I love wearing big fluffy jumpers. Or big baggy cardi’s. Mmm, so comfy, like a hug in the form of a jumper!
  7. A big tall floor vase..
    Sounds bizarre, I know. But because of cable limitations, our tv can’t sit in the middle of the sticky-out wall so I need something to break it up. Then I stick some pretty flowers in it and it will all be beautiful.So yeah, that’s that. Please Santa?


Now for my unrealistic wishful thinking christmas list..

  1. A house. A reaaaaally big house, with a huge farmhouse kitchen and a massive bathroom with one of those baths with gold feet. Oooh, and a wardrobe the size of my current flat. And a huge living room with a roaring fire and lots of blankets. Aaaaah!
  2. A winning lottery ticket. Wouldn’t we all? I’m not going to be greedy and ask for 6 figures, but a few grand wouldn’t go a miss. Think of all the candles I could buy!
  3. A dog. The only reason this is unrealistic is because we’re at work for too much of the day for it to be fair and my flat is too small to cater for a dog, which again wouldn’t be fair. But when I get my big house, I will get a big dog.
  4. A years subscription to Glossy Box or My Little Box. This isn’t massively unrealistic, but it’s still out of my budget. They have so many lush things in them, and I love have a little surprise come to my door each month.
  5. Limitless book supply. Like, everytime I finish a book, a new one gets delivered to my door. And then I want a little, or big, room full of intricate and authentic bookcases for me to store all my books in. Ya know, in my huge house.

I don’t ask for much… promise! I thought I would share this on the 1st so you all have at least 24 days to get something together…

What’s on your Christmas list?




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