How to have the perfect duvet day

DeathtoStock_Medium8Duvet days are the best thing around. Like, honestly. There is nothing better than a good duvet day! I Have two days off work, and instead of doing something productive.. I decided to binge watch my favourite series surrounded by blankets and pillows.

So, how do you create the perfect duvet day? Well, let me tell you …

  1. Duvet. Or blankets. Or pillows. Or all 3. The cozier, the better.
  2. Hot drinks. My personal favourite hot drink for cozy days in, is hot chocolate. It’s literally a hug in a mug.
  3. Something to watch. Now, this can be anything. Your favourite series, your favourite films, absolutely anything. The best bit about this part is you can use your watching material to create a theme for the day. So, you could have christmas, girly day, scary movies.. you can chose from pretty much any theme and then tailor your day towards it. Either way, it’s time to dig out your favourite feel good movies and spend a day of laziness.
  4. Stock up with snacks! Again, this can help if you want to create a theme. Munching through a big bag of popcorn or crisps makes everything better.
  5. Candles. Of course I would suggest candles, I love them. Find a sweet smelling candle to add to the whole atmosphere of coziness.
  6. Pj’s! Throw on your comfiest pj’s and wrap yourself up in your fluffiest blanket, together with some slipper socks and you really can’t get any more snuggled up.
  7. Find someone to join you. Whether you want to invite all girls round and make it girly day, or just a chill out day with your other half. Company will make your day so much better. Anyway, if you’re anything like me, you need someone there to explain whats happening in the film, I’m hopeless.
  8. Of course if you don’t want company, that’s cool to. You can dedicate the day to yourself and spend some time looking after you. Find your favourite book, and cozy up and engulf yourself in it.
  9. The best kind of day to have these duvet days are winter days. When it’s blowing a gale outside and tipping it down with rain, there is no better feeling than being curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate.

Duvet days are just brilliant. They don’t cost anything and you don’t have to leave your house. It’s incredibly lazy but there is nothing wrong with that, you need a lazy day every now and then. How do you create your perfect lazy/duvet day?


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