5 things that make me happy

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace1 11.45.06 AM.jpgWhenever I am sad or stressed or angry or anything that isn’t happy, there are a few things that will absolutely guarantee a boost to my mood. These are all tried and tested by the wonderful Jamie!

  1. Hot chocolate. Big Bang Theory reference.. when someone is sad, offer them a hot beverage. It’s works! Hot chocolate is my go-to happiness booster. It’s like a hug in a mug.
  2. A hug. Like a proper one, not one from a mug. Sometimes there is nothing better than burying your face in someones shoulder and forgetting about the world around you. And anyway, a mum cuddles solves everything.
  3. A good old heart-to-heart. Ranting and venting about anything and everything is just the best. Even it’s not about anything in particular, like that idiot that cut you up on the motorway or that the milk went out of date today. Literally, just word vomit all over somebody. You’ll come away from it feeling 10 stone lighter.
  4. A long drive. Driving clears my mind so much, and it’s even better when you have company. Just driving to nowhere in particular at a ridiculous time in the morning, drinking take-away coffee and singing your heart out to some soppy love ballad. Aaah. It’s incredible. Well, until you run out of fuel and realise your very far away from home. That can be kinda scary.
  5. Reading. When you’re not feeling yourself and you’re a little stressed, the best thing to do is to lose yourself in a good book. You won’t think about your stresses and worries for a bit, and you’ll adopt someone elses story and their life and it will give you a bit of peace.

Having a few handy tricks up your sleeve that you know will cheer you up is really handy, you never know when you might need them!

What are the 5 things that make you happy?


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