Why I love Winter

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace5 11.45.06 AM.jpgNow, don’t get me wrong. I love summer… the sun, ice-cream, summer dresses. But it’s not great, is it? For starters, I live in England. Summer exists for approximately 1 day. Maybe not even that. Plus, as a girl, summer means having to shave your legs everyday so that you can make the most of your stash of super cute summer dresses. When the sun does come out, it’s too hot and sticky. You also have no excuse to stay indoors and lounge around. Ugh, and salads are a huge thing… all I want it is a lovely Spag Bol but I can’t, because that is winter food not summer food. So yeah, summer isn’t that great. Winter is though. And here is why.

  1. Hiding under big coats and fluffy scarves. Wrapping up warm, with woolly tights and big cardi’s is probably one of the best things about winter. Piling on the layers and making sure you don’t leave the house without your mittens. I don’t know what is about knitwear that I love so much. It’s just so cozy!
  2. The prospect of snow. This was a huge thing when I was a kid, if it snowed enough.. no school! However, now that I’m in the dreadful adult world, snow days are something I dread because I need to work to be able to eat, and funnily enough, I enjoy eating. But apart from that, I love the snow. It’s so pretty, especially first thing in the morning when it’s untouched and pristine. The way it makes even the dullest landscapes glisten.
  3. CHRISTMAS. Duuuuh! Okay, so this is my absolute fav bit about winter. Christmas is amazing, and the highlight of the season. All the different smells. You get to eat lots and lots of chocolate. Decorating the house and making everything look sparkly. Christmas shopping… yes, it’s expensive but it’s so much fun. Sometimes. The roast dinner of ALL roast dinners. My mum has a habit of discovering new veggies over the year, and then adding them to long list of veg currently on my plate. Last year, we all ended up with something ridiculous like 13 vegetables on our plates. Although, this year she promises there will only be 10… But yeah, Christmas is amazing.
  4. Cold sunny days. The perfect winter day, bright blue skies, sun shining but it is incredibly cold. Meaning, you have to wrap up warm but you can still sit and enjoy the sun. Without the horrible summer-ness.
  5. Hot Chocolate and Casseroles. Okay, maybe not together. But winter food is the ultimate comfort food. When I was younger, if my mum gave me a casserole for tea I would kick up the biggest fuss ever. How could anyone like mushy peas with potatoes? How wrong I was! Since moving into the flat I have found out how amazing they are. You can shove all your leftover veggies with chunks of meat in a pot in the morning, turn it to low and then go to work. When you come home, you are greeted with the gorgeous smell of fall apart beef and a yummy meal that you really didn’t put that much effort in at all for. Winter food is amazing, it warms you up and makes you sleepy.

There are plenty more reasons winter is the best, but I don’t want to bore you all to death. What are your favourite bits about winter?



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