20 goals before 20

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace8 11.45.06 AMOkay, so I recently (2 months ago) turned 19. I have lots of big goals and plans I want to reach in the next year, but I also have little things I want to do. So, without further ado..

  1. Get fit..
    Maybe. Not sure yet! I at least would like to get into the habit of daily exercise, even if it’s only a little bit. It can’t hurt, right?
  2. Cut down on coffee
    This is a must. I drink way way way too much. Like, verging on 10-12 cups a day. It may be a little tricky, but I’m sure I’ll figure out a way.
  3. Do a bit more traveling
    Obviously, there’s only so much I can do because I have a job and also a money consuming – but amazing – flat. But just a few more long weekends away in pretty place would be lush.
  4. Learn Italian
    Or maybe just start the process. I think I might be asking a bit too much of myself if I want to learn an entire language in 10 months.
  5. Save up
    Building up on my savings would be amazing, so when the times comes I can go on a mega road trip around the world. One day. Also, it’s a safety net, responsible, blah blah boring adult stuff.
  6. Skydive
    I would absolutely love to go Skydiving. However, I don’t think that will be possible this year. I have 4 titanium rods in my spine because I fractured it a few years ago, so until that’s fully healed I can’t really go jumping out a planes.
  7. Become a morning person
    Any tips? … I would love to be one of those alien people that happily rises at 7am every morning with a spring in their step and whatever the hell they do.
  8. Volunteer
    I already kind of do, I don’t know if it counts though. The company I work for has organised a group of people to walk down to a local school and spend half an hour with a child that struggles with confidence and such, and do whatever they wanna do. Usually we read, but sometimes we colour, or just chat. It’s quite fun really. But I’d like to do more.
  9. Re-decorate the bedroom
    And turn it into my happy place. So that means, pretty wallpaper, candles everywhere, luxurious duvet sets and copious amounts of decorative throw pillows. I wonder what Jamie’s take on this will be…
  10. Make more of a head way in my book
    Yeah that’s right. I’m attempting to write a book. So far, I’m only 7,000 words in. I was close 20k but didn’t like where it was going to pretty much started fresh and I’ve kind of lost motivation. So, I really want to have a first draft by my 20th birthday.
  11. Turn off the internet
    Whaaaat? I would like to try a month, okay maybe a few weeks, without any kind of social media. I would make an allowance for my blog so that I keep you all updated on my media fast.
  12. Go to a concert/gig
    I’m 19 years old and I never been to a gig. How sad is that?
  13. Go and see a few more theater productions
    Earlier this year, Jamie took me to see ‘A curious incident of the dog in the night-time’ and it was amazing. One of my favourite books as well which made it that much more special.
  14. Bake/cook more
    I absolutely love cooking but I just can never be bothered. So I’m going to make more of an effort to be that domestic goddess that I know I can be .. sort of ..
  15. Have a spa day
    Aaah, how lush would that be? Just a day of pure pampering and relaxation. Santa…
  16. Become a little bit more confident
    Oh how much I envy confident people. How do you become more confident though? Anyone?
  17. Grow my hair out
    In a  slight moment of madness, about 3 years ago, I decided to cut all my hair off. It has taken me so so so long to get back to it’s normal length, but I would love to have super long hair.
  18. Master the art of cooking a roast dinner
    Since we moved into the flat, the only roasts we get are when we butter up our parents and invite ourselves round on the odd Sunday. I miss roasts so much! It just seems like a huge pressure to take on something so formidable.
  19. Run a 10k for a charity that I love
    This is a big thing for me because of my back. To be able to do this would be incredible. I would like to do it for a charity like SSAFA. I think I need to do a bit more research into this, but I really want to do this!
  20. Go camping
    I love camping so much. The last time I went camping, me and Jamie camped out at the bottom of Mount Snowden in North Wales. The most perfect view of mountain and the lake around it!

Do you have a set of goals that you’re working to achieve?



  1. Wonderful to see so many positive goals 🙂 some of mine are similar such as learning Spanish, creating my own luxurious space, getting noticed as a writer and saving to travel. My other goals are learning guitar and photography. When I travelled around Italy I learned simple conversations and words in 7 months mainly with Italians who spoke little English so 10 months it is very possible with the help of audio lessons and practise books


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