My weekend

I realize I haven’t posted in a few days but I’ve had quite a busy weekend!

On Friday we had our Christmas Meal for work, which was very nice but in my opinion, it wasn’t worth the £26.50 I paid for it. I mean, I ordered a medium rare steak, but it came out slightly under-done.. I’m pretty sure I heard it ‘moo’ at one point. But other than that, it was lovely. After that we went out for a few drinks at a pub near by which was also quite nice, very crowded, but good.

My little sister stayed the night Friday as well which was quite nice because I haven’t seen her in ages, and then Saturday daytime we went out to do a little bit of christmas shopping for Mum and our little brother, which was both stressful and hilarious. And I also managed to find my secret Santa present for work which wasn’t easy

When we finished all those shenanigans, we headed back to my flat and just kinda chilled for a bit before heading back to Mums to drop her off. My mum has recently moved house, and the new house is lush. She has this little room, technically it’s a second lounge, that joins the lounge to the hallway and we call it the ‘snug’ and for good reason too.  It has a maaassive open fire and a really cozy deep sofa full of cushions. At one point, Mum and Jamie went off to go and fix some lights or something and left me on my own, so I grabbed my book – naturally – and cozied up on the sofa with the fire going, the dogs jumped up and snuggled up with me at one point and it was pure bliss. After a little while everyone joined me and we were just sat tlaking about nothing in particular when we realised that it was gone 10pm so we thought, why don’t we just stay?

(My phone camera really isn’t great, I know!)

So we found some marshmallows in the kitchen and some long cocktail sticks and started roasting marshmallows, had a few beers and started chatting. Honestly, it was like the loveliest weekend in a long time. It was so nice to spend time with everyone and just relax. And the fire was a bonus, too.

Today we just kinda bummed out a little bit, went to B&Q to get some bits and bobs, had a Subway and then came back and lit the fire again. Now, Jamie and I are back at the flat and about to stick Pitch Perfect on and start wrapping Christmas presents.

So, all in all, I have had a relatively busy but lush weekend!

Did you do much this weekend?


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