Travel dreams..

DeathtoStock_NotStock2I have seriously neglected my blog recently, I know. I’ve been either extremely busy or extremely lazy.. it depends how you want to look at it.

Okay, so I have already posted something similar to this but this is in more detail, and (would you believe it) it’s not a list! My life revolves around lists, I am well aware.. but lets take a step out of the comfort zone for once.

Last week, my uncle came home from Canada for Christmas. He moved over there about 6 months ago, to become a pilot. It’s amazing, I know! But it has kind of got me thinking about all the things I want to do and when. So this post is about my travel dreams and whatnot.

First off, Jamie and I are most definitely going to go to  Canada and stay with my uncle, who has said he will take us flying over the mountains and all sorts of wonderful things like that, for a few weeks and then go and spend some time with his uncle, who also happens to live in Canada. Ideally I would like to go for about a month – 2 weeks with my uncle and then 2 weeks with Jamie’s aunt and uncle. I think it would be really interesting to see what my uncle takes us to do and/or recommends we do compared to what Jamie’s family says to do. Also, I honestly couldn’t believe from the pictures I saw how absolutely beautiful all the lakes and landscapes are, so I just have to go and see for myself. Hopefully, we will do this next year by summertime but we will have to save a lot!

Next up is one of my bigger dreams, and most probably won’t happen for a few years yet because a lot of saving and a fair amount of planning is involved. The idea is to save up A LOT of money, and buy a one-way ticket somewhere. Explore for a few weeks, months, or however long our money lasts and then find a part time job, in a bar or something, over there and save up for another couple of one-way tickets somewhere else and do the same over at the new place and so on and so on. Then just keep doing this until we either find somewhere we would like to stay for a while or until we have seen everything and want to go home, I think I know which one will happen first! However, the idea is to just kind of plan it one country at a time, and then just see where we end up next, but a rough plan of where we want to go would be helpful. I know for definite I want to go to Thailand, like absolutely definitely. And Italy. And Budapest. Well, anywhere and everywhere really.

I would also really like to go back to Bergerac again. Last year, for my 18th birthday, Jamie did an amazing thing. For the few months leading up to my birthday he hinted that he was planning a big surprise. After a while, he gave off the impression that he was building me a little boat. I was a little nervous, to be honest. Why would I want a boat? I don’t like boats! But anyway, I went along with it and blah blah.. Turns out, it wasn’t a boat! He had planned 4 days away in Bergerac, and I had 3 hours to pack. It was absolutely lovely, it was in October which meant that it was still really warm but next to no tourism whatsoever so you got to see the area in it’s true beauty. Honestly, it it definitely up there in my top 10 holidays. Sitting alongside the harbour, beautiful food, the sun and cocktail in hand … ah!! So I would love to go back and do everything we didn’t get chance to do, and also just to relive that holiday again.

INTERRAILING! I would love love love to interrail Europe. Just hop on a train somewhere, stay there for a bit and just hop back on the train. I need to look into it more, find out prices and the countries included etc, but it is definitely on my list of things to do. Again, more saving … or maybe I’ll just buy a lottery ticket and hope for the best?

I have so many hope and dreams and big ideas, and I really hope that I actually get chance to do them one day. As it is with many people, traveling is something that I have wanted to do since I can remember, to see everything and do everything. Better start saving then!!


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