A thought an hour..

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace4 11.45.06 AM.jpg5.30am: What is that noise? Oh, my alarm. *snooooooooze*

6.30am: What..? Oh, my alarm again. *snoooooooze*

7.30am: Okay, okay, okay! I’m awake. *turns alarm off…*

8.45am: Shit.

9.30am: Bristol traffic sucks.

10.30am: Okay. Coffee in hand, I’m prepared for the day.

11.30am: Half an hour until lunch, yay!

12.30pm: Mmm, Tesco’s chicken salad. Well, the cheesy pasta looked nicer.. No. Be good. Christmas is nearly here. You can pig out then.

1.30pm: OoOoh, we’re halfway there! I’m going to listen to a Bon Jovi playlist.

2.30pm: I’ve actually been quite productive today.

3.30pm: Two and half hours left. That’s only 5 ‘half an hour’ slots. And lots of ’10 minute’ slots. Sure, I can do that.

4.30pm: Coffee time. Again.

5.30pm: Bringing my hot water to work was the best idea I’ve ever had.

6.30pm: Bristol traffic sucks.

7.30pm: Finally home. PYJAMA’S.

8.30pm: I should probably blog today. What should I blog about?

9.30pm: Who’s even going to read this?

So yeah. That was my day!

That was surprisingly fun to write.


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