My Christmas in Review

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace6 11.45.06 AM.jpgChristmas this year has been one of the best ones so far. Like, seriously amazing.

On Christmas Eve, I had a half day at work so I had plenty time left of the day to fine tune Christmas. Jamie and I made mince pies and apple pies, and they were scrummy. We then wrapped presents because I was super unorganized this year and left it quite late! We then spent a few hours at Jamie’s parents house. We had a buffet tea and opened our presents to each other. We were so lucky and got some lovely presents, for the flat and for ourselves. One of my favourites was the Jamie Oliver cutlery set. Call me sad, but that made my Christmas! Also, the Paul Hollywood cookbook is brilliant and I can’t wait to start cooking.

After that we made our way to my Mum’s house and had another buffet tea.. it’s Christmas, the more food the better, right? Anyway, the evening flew by and we had a few drinks so we figured me may aswell stay and luckily I had brought all the presents with me anyway and also I love seeing everyone open their presents in the morning so all was good.

Christmas morning came and I was promptly awoken by my little brother who insisted that I open my stocking with him and Jas in her room, like we always have done. However, by the time I had woken up enough to walk upstairs – they had already finished opening the stocking fillers. So we all made our way downstairs and made coffees, teas etc… and found our places in the lounge. Again, I got some absolutely amazing presents, it’s impossible to list them all here but we got a really funky wine holder, my favourite perfume, lots of vouchers for really helpful places that I am so very grateful for, etc.. Jamie and I have been extremely lucky this year. We have amazing family around us that have just spoiled us rotten and the gratitude I have is massive. At about 11am, we left mums to go Jamie’s Grandma’s house to spend time with his family and have an absolutely stunning Christmas dinner. I even ate the creamed parsnips!

I’ll try and post some photos soon!

Christmas this year was absolutely incredible, I am so so grateful. A huge thank you to my amazing family for everything!!

It was a little difficult however, as this was the first Christmas where I couldn’t even phone my dad – let alone see him. I know he was there though, he was probably sat right next to me as I opened my presents. I like to think so, anyway.

How was your Christmas?


**I know I haven’t posted in a while and I promise I will start posting more regularly again!**

-queued post-



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