People I want to see live


Okay.. confession time! I am 19 years old and I have never been to a concert/gig/live show before. Well, I kinda have. I went to see Peter Andre when I was like 7 with my old best friend. But I don’t remember it very well. I’ve always wanted to go and see someone live but I have never liked anyone enough to pay money to go and see them when I can turn on the radio and hear them. However, I have now found a few famous people that I would absolutely love love love to see live. Hint, hint Jamie…

To start off with, I would really love to see Passenger live. His music makes me laugh, cry and think. He’s my go-to playlist at work! The only problem is that his next tour is Australia and by the looks of it, a tour in the UK isn’t on the cards for a while. I’ll keep looking though!

Jess Glynne. Need I say more? She has such a beautiful voice and writes pretty much all of her own songs which I love. She is performing in the UK soon but it’s a little out of my price range at the moment! One day …

Russell Howard. Oh my God! Russell Howard is definitely one of my favourite people, I religiously watch Good News and re-watch all the Mock of the Week episodes he was on. And funnily enough, in 2017 he’s doing his Round the World tour, and he’s playing in Cardiff and seeing as that is only an hour max away from me and a decent price.. I might just have to book myself some tickets!

Seeing as I’m dragging Jamie along with me, we should probably consider someone he would like to see to.. I reckon we could both agree on Jason Mraz. His songs make me happy, he’s got such a lovely voice!

Hopefully, at least 3 of these will get planned and booked soon! What about you? Who would you like to see live?


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