Self Care Sunday: Pamper!

self care sundays

We’ve reached the last day of the weekend and it’s nearly time do it all again. This week feels like it shot by but also went really slow, if that makes any sense..? Regardless, today is Sunday and Sundays are ‘me’ days.

Jamie is working today which sucks, so I need to keep myself busy so the time flies and he’s finally home.

I started the day with the nicest shower I’ve had in ages, and I used my new shower gel which smells like grapefruit, yummy! I also used my new face wash which was weird because it has mint and tea tree in and made my face feel really cold and tingly but my skin is so soft now so it was worth it.

When I got out used my new Starskin Second Skin face mask which was amazing. It was really bizarre though because it was literally just a gooey mask with holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. I looked really creepy so I’m really glad I didn’t have any surprise visitors. But my skin is soooooo smooth now!

Then I just sat and binge-watched a couple episodes of Jeremy Kyle for a bit of an ego boost. Just as I was sat twiddling my thumbs thinking about what to do next, my mum phoned and asked me if I was in for a cuppa and catch up so I spent the last few hours with my mum and sister which was looovely.

I’ve even got my outfit ready for work tomorrow so my morning is *hopefully* stress-free. Yay for Self Care Sundays.

What do you do to prepare you for the week ahead?


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