Advice needed!

Okay, I get Glossybox every month and I really like them. It costs me £10 a month and you get really good quality stuff, the sort of stuff that I would never buy but I actually really like so it has introduced me to lots.



But a lot of the stuff I get in them isn’t really my sort of thing, like fake eyelashes and extravagant lipsticks.


I was wondering if any of you lovely people have a subscription to something like Glossybox that they would recommend? And how much a month is it? What kind of stuff do you get in it? 

I much prefer just general goody boxes, like sometimes it’s skin care and make up but then sometimes it’s really random stuff like pretty pens, or an apron – god knows what!

Has anyone got any recommendations?! Let me know in the comments!



    1. I’ve had My Little Box, it’s really good – it’s just a little pricey. Like £15 a month, which isn’t thaaat much but sometimes the boxes aren’t amazing. I might look into it again though! X

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