A day out at the Book Barn

Just look at her! Isn’t my mum a cutie? Loves ya mum x

About a month or so ago, Jamie and I discovered my happy place. It’s a warehouse on the Wells to Bristol road, called the Book Barn. Inside this beautiful pace lie over 1 million books. But that’s not the best bit, all books (even the new releases) are £1. ONE POUND!  Absolutely bloody bargain. This place is every bookworms safe haven. A dream! So I had a day where I wasn’t doing anything, Jamie was working and I was bored out of my brain. There is only so many times you can hoover the lounge or re-arrange the bookcase, which admittedly –  I spend WAY too much time doing. So I decided to take a trip out with my mum and little sister to this wonderful place. However, I am not good with directions. If you asked me to drive there, we would been fine, however if you ask me to give you directions then you will get lost. It’s guaranteed. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, we only nearly took the wrong turn once. A personal record I think.

So, we arrived. My heart pounding with excitement, I’m not even joking – I was SO excited. We walked through the doors and BANG – smacked in the face with the glorious smell of old books and homemade soup .. (they have a cafe there, books don’t smell like soup).

It’s a little overwhelming to be honest. There are literally millions of books, they have sorted them into category and a row for each category, like crime fiction, travel, poetry, WW1, and everything else but still .. where do you start?! Along the entire length of the warehouse, which I swear is at least a mile, there was Fiction books sorted by Author name. Is it just me that completely forgets the names of my favourite authors when presented with over a million books to chose from?


So after about an hour of sifting through a number of shelves and categories and the like, I picked out 9 books, which is incredibly controlled of me. Part of me knew I had absolutely no room on my bookshelves and the other part of me didn’t want a Mum lecture for the amount of money I could have potentially spent, so I exercised the little self-control I have and limited myself.


Staring at books all day is thirsty work, and luckily there is very conveniently placed cafe. It’s a vegetarian cafe and although I’m personally not a vegetarian, it’s still super yummy. Pretty much everything is homemade, from the soup of the day to the bread you dunk in it. Plus is has an open fire, who doesn’t love an open fire. I’m usually really boring and order something bland like toast, but today I was brave. Today, I ordered Broccoli and Stilton soup, I must admit I wasn’t expecting much of this odd combination but OH MY GOD. I have never tasted soup so good, and plus the smell of it was making my sister gag which was bonus and very funny to watch. Decidedly full up, frothy cappuccino in hand and pile of lovely books in front, I was as happy as Larry.


But now down to bit that I’m sure you’re dying to know … What did I buy?! Time to whack another list ..
1. Bookends – Jane Green
Not my usual type of book, but it sounded intriguing and relatively light-hearted which will make a nice change.

2. The Sayings of Oscar Wilde
Of course. Everyone needs a little bit o’ Wilde in their life.

3. Northern Lights – Philip Pullman
Again, not my usual type but the blurb sounded amazing, and also it’s part of a trilogy and I love a good trilogy.

4. Checkmate – Malorie Blackman
I cannot explain to you my excitement about finally owning this book. I read Noughts & Crosses when I was younger and always wanted to read the next book. Finally!

5. Around the World in Eighty Ways
This is a pretty much an idiots guide to being travel savvy and with all my plans and goals for the next few years, I thought it would be a handy book to own.

6. The Backpackers Bible
Again, another essential for any budding traveler. It basically tells how to travel the world in the best way, the must-go places and such. Someone has itchy feet..!

7. Behindlings – Nicola Barker
I’m not really sure what this book is about, but again – I read the blurb and was intrigued, and at only £1, what do I have to lose?

8. Travellers’ Italy – Arthur Eperon
Yes. Another book about Italy. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.

9. An Art Guide to Florence – Blanche R. Brown
… I can’t help it!! There were multiple shelves on book on Italy, I’m just proud that I only came away with 2.

(I picked up the Oscar Wilde book after this photo was taken)

So, all in all, I’ve had a lush day. It was really nice to spend some time with Mum and Jas, and to spend my day surrounded my favourite things in the world. If you live in Somerset, I really really recommend you take a look at this place!




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