Flying the nest


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I haven’t posted very much recently, I’ve been absolutely hectic so the time to post just hasn’t been there – I will try scheduling my days a little better so that I have time to post more often!

So, this post is all about the things that I learned when I moved out. I really was not prepared to start looking after myself, I thought I was, but my oh my I was very wrong. I’ve learned a few little trick and tips on saving the pennies here and there and I’ve learned that you can’t put your new jeans in the same was as your favourite white top. Oops!

This post also means that I get use my all time favourite writing tool .. lists! Right, where do I start?

  1. Food shopping sucks. The first food shop I did was so exciting, I get to control what goes in my fridge, what I want to eat – which could one of two ways. I could either be really super healthy or really super not healthy. To start of with, I was healthy,but that just kind of dwindled out. But regardless, the first food shop was exciting, until you have to pay. That bit kind of sucks. Food shopping has become a chore, and the idea of it is tiring. Because of this, I challenge myself so see how long I can make one regular shop last, who needs luxuries like bread? I can live off water, can’t I?
  2. You can literally freeze anything. Like seriously, anything can go in the freezer. Learning this has opened a whole new window of laziness. Finding out that pretty much everything can be frozen has meant that I can do a big food shop, and freeze it. Then, I don’t have to go shopping for ages! I freeze everything from milk and bread to part-cooked broccoli. One of the biggest annoyances I faced was that it’s all very well buying fresh veg and the like but it only lasts a few days and you end up having to throw it out because it is not humanly possible to eat an entire broccoli and a 500g bag of spinach in two days. But with things like broccoli, if you part boil it and then freeze it, it lasts ages! Peppers are even better, all you have to do is chop it up and chuck in the freezer.
  3.  Laundry is now my problem. I can no longer blame my mum for me not having any clean clothes left. The washing machine and I don’t seem to get along, it’s a love-hate relationship. I’ve just started getting the hang of things, like how much fabric softener to put in other wise I smell like a sickly sweet flower shop and also, softener isn’t cheap so I’m super stingy on it.
  4. I have become so house proud. This was a huge surprise to me, when I lived my mum I was constantly being nagged to tidy my room because it was always a state and I just kind of figured I wouldn’t grow out of that but I did! I inherited my mothers need for tidy-ness. Which is brilliant because my flat is mostly always spotless, but it does mean that I can’t sit down for over tow minutes because I always find something that needs picking up or tidied – it’s exhausting. Jamie hates it too because I’m always nagging him to do his dishes even though we aren’t expecting any visitors, I just don’t like seeing them there.
  5. A lot of work goes into making a home, but it’s so worth it. I now understand why mum used to run around tidying up after us and making sure everything is looking lovely. It’s your home, and you love it – so you want it to look pretty. I finally get it Mum, however that’s not of much use to you now! But I also feel bad thinking back to when she nagged me to tidy up and do my dishes and I just ignored everything she said.

It’s hard work, and I imagine it’s 10x worse when you have kids, but having your own pretty home makes it so worth the work! What have you learned from leaving home?

Just a quick question to regular readers, what kind of things do you want to see on here? Is there anything in particular you would like me to post about? Please let me know any suggestions in the comments!



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