Reading slumps and how you get out of them

Reading slumps

We’ve all been there, so much to read but … meh. You really want to sit down on the sofa with a good book and a coffee but you just end up reading the same sentence again and again and again and you can’t focus on what you’re actually reading. It’s so frustrating! Well, hopefully this post will help you little with those reading blues.

Don’t set yourself time limits or plan which books you’re going to read next, or any plan at all for that matter. Read at your own pace and don’t rush yourself. I know it’s easy to get yourself over-excited thinking about all the books you’ve recently acquired and you want to read them all at once but just chill! You have all the time in the world and it’s not a competition.

Put down the heavy stuff. Every now and then it is perfectly okay to pick up a nice easy book that doesn’t take much thinking. A nice light hearted cliche romance, a feel good read. Allow yourself to relax a little! One of my best feel good authors is Jacqueline Wilson. Her stories a predominately aimed at a much younger audience, but I absolutely love them – she was my number one fav author when I was younger so every now and then it’s nice to take a step back and read something easy.

Stop staring at your bookcase and feeling guilty that your full attention isn’t on your books and do something else. Go and bake a cake, or take a nap or watch a film, stalk your favourite youtuber, whatever takes your fancy. Maybe you’ve just overloaded yourself with books that your brain just wants to relax for a day or two, sometimes there are only so many plot twists your brain can take.

Go book shopping! It’s my absolute favourite kind of shopping, that and candle shopping. Pfft, who needs clothes or food? Have a look online for some recommended reads or resort back that list of yours of the books you need to buy that just doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter and spoil yourself. It’s so exciting and it might just be the boost you needed to shove your head and book for an hour or so.

Don’t feel bad about not finishing a book. Life is too short for crap books! Sometimes, I will start a book and 100 odd pages in, I’m still not into it. I used to feel like I had to give it a chance, but I have read so many books that I just didn’t enjoy. So, now if I’m not into it by, at the most, halfway through – I’ll put it the charity shop box and start another one. All it takes is one not great book to lose my focus and I won’t read for ages after.

Re-organise your bookcase. Ah, I literally do this at least twice a week. But by doing this, you find books you bought months ago and then you’ll remember how excited you were to read it and – BAM – you’re excited to read again. Magic. Also, you’ll come across a few of your favourites and might fancy revisiting your fav characters.

These are my go-to tips when it comes to reading slumps, they suck but they are inevitable. I hope these help you! Do you have any tips?





  1. great post! I usually end up buying loads of books when i’m on a reading slump and feeling guilty over them but oh well… bookloving is hard work 😉 But sometimes, I can’t bring myself to buy books because nothing interests me. Much sadness during those times. I actually wrote a similar post like this on my blog:
    check it out if you have time!

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