Blogging mistakes

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So I have only been at this blogging thing a few months, at most, so I am no expert whatsoever. Regardless, I am well aware that there are a lot of things that I don’t do right, or things I should do that I don’t, etc. So this is post about those mistakes I make and how I plan on fixing them. Whilst full-time blogging would be great and the dream job, I’m not a full time blogger and I only have time to allow it to be a hobby, so I probably don’t take it as seriously as I should.

I don’t proof read my posts. Whaaat? I know, it’s terrible. But, I spend quite a while constructing the post and trying to sound like I kind of know what I’m doing so by the time I actually finish, and I’m going to be honest here, I really can’t be bothered to read back through it and check for spelling mistakes or random words that just magically appear in the middle of my sentences. Plus, I know that if I read through it, I’ll decide that I don’t like that entire paragraph or the whole post is shambles so I need to start over. Who has the time for that?

As much I would like to, I don’t post everyday. There are a few reasons for this. One, believe or not, I have a busy (haha) life. Sort of. By busy, I mean I have a full time job and by the time I get home, I have no thinking power. Two, leading from the last point, I’m struggling to think of what to post about which is INCREDIBLY frustrating. When I first started blogging, I had so many ideas, but as I wrote more posts and read more blogs I realised that a lot of my ideas were crap. So then I had to think about something else to post about, which isn’t as easy as I had first thought. I know that I would get more visitors if I was to post more often, so it would be worth it but if I start forcing posts they will be no good and I would get no visitors, so it’s all about finding that healthy balance …

I don’t pre-plan my posts. There’s really no excuse for this, and I know that if I did this then I wouldn’t have so much trouble thinking about what to write about because it would all be there and most of the work would have been done already. Basically, I need to get my ass in gear and get organised.

Until a few weeks or so ago, I didn’t even edit my photos. Now, I know that this isn’t absolutely vital but it definitely helps with the overall aesthetic, which in turn will make my blog appealing, right?

I am so obsessed with my stats, and I get so disheartened when I don’t get very many views. The whole of idea of creating this blog was not to please anyone else, or to appeal to anyone else but it’s always a welcome bonus. So, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if 100’s of people don’t visit of my blog. There is a solution to this, I know. I need to plan my posts and make sure that they are good content, I need to post more often in order to create a stable and bigger reader base and I need to focus on one particular topic, it can be broad but it all kind of needs to link in together as opposed to random posts about random things that make no sense when put together, which leads us to my next point…

I don’t necessarily have one topic that I blog about, I know a lot of my posts are centered around books and reading, but I chop and change too much which in turn will affect who will read what I post. I don’t like the idea of putting labels on anything. I know there is a way to get around this, I could set up categories such as a Lifestyle tag, alongside Books, Health, etc…

Do you make any of these mistakes? Do you have any tips for me to get organised?

blogging mistakes.jpg


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