19th Century words that we NEED to bring back


19th century.jpg


This is kind of a follow on post from my first couple of posts, Foreign words the English Language should adopt – Part 1 and Part 2, and just an expression of my love for words – which by the way is a Logophile.

So I’ve done a little research and I’ve discovered with a bunch of words from 1800’s that I really think need to make a come back to modern day vocab.

  1. Podsnappery
    It certainly has a ring to it, doesn’t it? It means “A complacence attitude toward life and a refusal to accept unsavory facts”. So I guess it’s kinda like naivety? 
  2. Chuckaboo
    You know how you might say “Hey bro,” instead of being boring and saying “bro” or “pal”you could use “chuckaboo”.
  3. Dewskich
    Have you ever noticed how vulgar and nasty “a beating” or “a pounding” sounds? Well, now if your colleague starts getting on your last nerve you can tell them you’re going to give them a dewskich and then see how confused they get. 
  4. Dollymop
    Despite it’s meaning, I just love this word so much. It basically just means an amateur prostitute, so I guess you could use this as a sophisticated insult. You’re welcome.
  5. Enthuzimuzzy
    Again, what a brilliant word. This refers to a satirical reference to enthusiasm.
  6. Dizzy Age
    This slang just refers to elderly people but isn’t this just such a better way to say it?
  7. Daddles
    Hands. This literally just means hands. Oh, my daddles are so cold. Actually, probably best not to go around saying that, it doesn’t sound quite right.
  8. Bubble around
    This is just a nicer way to describe a verbal attack or insult, but one that is usually perpetrated by the press or the media. 
  9. Bricky
    I like this, because in the 19th century this meant to be brave or fearless which is ironic becuase now-a-days if you were to “brick it” it means that you were too scared and wimped out. Oh how times have changed …
  10. Rain Napper
    This is beyond delightful. Just imagine… it is absolutely pouring down, and everyone around you is getting soaked because, unlike you, they were silly and forgot their “rain snapper”. Ah, I love it!

So now you can thank me for improving your already extensive vocabulary! How cool are these words? I don’t know how these words fell out fashion, but I strongly recommend bringing them back.



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