7 ideas for your notebook

So, you’ve just been on stationary spree (because let’s be honest, you can never have enough stationary) and you’ve got your hands on the prettiest notebook and you just can’t wait to fill it up with your ramblings and stories with your new fine-liners and cute stickers… but you’re stumped for ideas on what to fill it with. We’ve all been there! The sheer amount of notebooks and journals that I own and that are also empty is verging on embarrassing so I had a little think and came up with several things to fill them with.

  1. Blog idea log
    This isn’t necessarily a place for you to draft posts, but more somewhere for you to bullet point any post ideas that pop into your mind on the bus to work or whilst your in the bath. If you’re anything like me then you come up with the most amazing idea for a blog post and you get all excited about but half an hour later you cannot remember y our idea for the life of you. So by just jotting down your ideas and the places you can go with that post you will make your life a load easier and give you something to put in that beautiful notebook.
  2. List of things that make you happy
    I love this one so much! So, the general idea of this one is to remind you of the little things that happened daily that make you smile. It can be absolutely anything – for example, having a conversation with the adorable old couple at the bus stop or someone holding a door for you or you somehow managed to make yourself the most perfect coffee ever. In my list, I write the date next each one just for reference and there’s no limit to how many things you write down for each day. By focusing on really simple things that make you happy can do wonders to your mood and make you more appreciative.
  3. To-do lists
    My favourite thing ever. I freaking love to-do lists. They increase productivity and the sense of achievement you feel when you tick of an item is great! It is beyond satisfying when you’ve accomplished all of your jobs for the day and can look at a list of ticked off to-do’s. Your to-do list can have both big and teeny tasks. Things like *deep clean the oven* to *change the bed linen* all the way to *smile as often as you can today*.
  4. Reading log
    Obviously this is the perfect idea for me. This is a place where you can keep track of the books you’ve read, the date you started and finished them, any favourite quotes from that book, words that you want to look up, mini reviews etc etc. Anything goes really! You can start using a star rating system (or your equivalent to) as a quick and easy way to remember if you liked that book or if you would recommend it to someone.
  5. A Thought a Day/Hour
    Whether you chose write down a thought an hour or thought a day, this is super fun. I suppose that a thought a day would be more convenient, as  we don’t all have time to make sure that we can write down our thoughts every hour. Regardless, this doesn’t have to be a deep provoking thought, it can literally be something as simple as “I really fancy a donut” or “traffic sucks”. A little while ago I wrote a post purely based on this idea, and you can find it here. Give it a go!
  6. Free writing
    Instead of trying to explain this here briefly, I’ll point you towards my post explaining what free writing is and how awesome it is.
  7. Bucket list!
    Everyone loves sitting ad dreaming of all the things you want to do one day, so why not write it all down with pretty pens and maybe even some glitter? Everyone has a bucket list, whether it’s on paper or not so make sure you write yours down. Then you can track it and tick things off and add things along the way.

    Hopefully this little list of ideas has sparked something and you have all you need to fill your journals! Hope you enjoyed 🙂



  1. This was very helpful! It not only inspired me to use my unused journals for interesting entries but also gave me an idea for a blog post ― “Things That Make Me Happy” Thank you for sharing. :]

    Liked by 1 person

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