Tips for working from home

Recently I’ve joined the agile working scheme where I work which means that I work from home on Wednesdays and Fridays. Before I joined the program I used to work from home every now and then but not very often so it did take a little bit of trial and error to see what worked for me best. There are so many pro’s to working from home – I live an hour or so away from where I work so it saves me tonnes of money on petrol and then also bus fares. But there are also a few tricky bits like keeping yourself motivated and on track as there can be a load more distractions at home and it’s very easy to go off course for a little bit.

So I tried out a few different things and found what worked for me.

1. Get dressed
This one may sound obvious but if you’re at home all day and no one is going to see you it can be tempting to stay in your dressing gown all day. Don’t do that! It’s been proven that you will be more productive if you are dressed properly than if you were in slobby clothes. I guess it’s psychological or something but it makes sense.

2. Don’t sit on the sofa or stay in bed!
I was so bad for this when I was working from home every now and then, and I just got nothing done! So now I have a desk in our little box room and it works so so much better. I’ve turned it into my little haven, my desk and the windowsill in front of the desk is covered in house plants and candles. Create an area that makes you comfortable but also productive. Ideally, you want to be sat at a desk or at least a table. Surround yourself with your comforts, for me it’s candles and stationary but it can whatever you want.

3. It shouldn’t be any different
Your working day at home shouldn’t be any different from your usual working day in the office so take breaks and stop for lunch like you usually would. Regular mini breaks are essential too, other wise you’ll burn out and lose precious energy.

4. Don’t get carried away
Because I’m not worrying about the traffic on the way home or if I’m going to miss next bus, I kind of get carried away and when I finally look at the clock I realise I was supposed to finish an hour and a half ago. An extra 10 minutes or so doesn’t hurt and will probably look really good on you, but make sure you stick your working hours!

5. Don’t get distracted
Stop worrying about how much washing you have to do or that you need to change the bed sheets. If you were in the office, it wouldn’t matter so much so don’t let it matter now. Don’t turn the TV on, it’s too easy to just get fixed on it and before you know it an hour has passed. Instead, you can try playing music in the background. My go to for music when working from home is anything on Spotify’s Focus playlist. Ban all social media, they’re productivity killers and won’t help you – save it for your lunch break!

I hope you found this useful, thanks for reading! 🙂


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