Why I could never be a Beauty Blogger

As much as I would love to possess the talent to become a beauty blogger… I really do not.

I mean, for starters I am beyond crap at make-up. I can just about master the simple foundation and mascara combo, and if I’m feeling adventurous then maybe even a little eyeshadow. But that is as far it will go! I just don’t understand how people can do it?! I have watched make-up tutorial after make-up tutorial and spent endless nights sat in front of my mirror trying to master the art, but nope. I end up looking like a clown from anyone’s worst nightmare or a 5 year old who has just found her mother’s lipstick. I’m pretty sure that those who can perfectly paint their face on, are magic.

Now don’t get me wrong, whilst I am seemingly bitter on this subject but this is because I would do anything to be able to achieve such heights. Needless to say I have so much respect for all the make-up artists/beauty bloggers out that there that absolutely slay it. Like daaamn girl!

Honestly though, what even is contour? Or ombre lips?! My lips are so small and shapeless, anything other than lip balm would just look ridiculous.

Plus, I wouldn’t be able to afford the lifestyle that make-up brings with it. I was sat with my little sister the other night, who by the way lives for make-up and in turn looks 10 years older than me (in the nicest way possible!) even though I am 5 years older that her, and she showed me a set make-up brushes that she had her heart set on, they looked all very fancy and what not but … £200+?!? What that frack! Now if any beauty bloggers happen to be reading this I am sorry for what I am about to say … what’s wrong with just using your fingers?

But seriously though, how do you guys afford all of this? It’s crazy expensive. I bought a foundation, Rimmel I think, about 8 months ago for £7.99 and I thought that was extortionate. And yes, I still own it and it’s only 3/4 way through. How can you spend so much on something you will just rub of in a few hours?

So all in all, I’m crap at make-up and I’m poor therefore I will be bitter and twisted about everyone that is a goddess at make-up and can afford it all. Therefore, beauty blogging is not for me.



  1. Here here! I really struggle with hair and makeup, no matter what products I use I normally end up looking like an idiot – so I’m trying to find the best tutorials out there for people who just aren’t naturally talented! Don’t give up!! xx

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