I love charity shops, and you should too!

I love a good charity shop. I can’t rate them enough! But it really does rattle me when people turn their noses up at them, or think you’re cheap for shopping in them. Well, I guess that bit is kind of true – but we aren’t all made of money!

Now, for those of you who do happen to feel the same way as me – how many times have you had a conversation that went a little like this?
Oh my goodness, I love that top! Where did you get it?

Um.. British Heart Foundation.
Someone could died in that!
I have had that conversation in all different variants at least 1000 times and it does my head in! So here is why I love charity shops and why you should too…

Cheap Books
This is definitely the best part of a charity shop for me. I literally just zoom in on the books and A-Line for them. Some charity shops sell books as cheap as 50p. Now when you compare that to the price of your average book in Waterstones (£7.99), it’s an absolute bargain!

Okay, you do have to search. But it’s unbelievable what some people throw away! There have been times where I have bought a dress for less than £5, when brand new it would have cost £40+. A few years ago, I bought a coat in a charity shop down the road from me. The buttons weren’t all there and it was a little tatty but there just so happened to be a fabric shop next door so I bought some cute buttons and some thread and went home and rejuvenated my new coat. It cost me £5, and was a thick winter coat that lasted me 3 winters.

So these are the odd bits and bobs that you didn’t know you needed, but you really do. Quirky ornaments, vinyls, decorative bottles, sugar pots … you know, super important stuff. There is one thing I would say to avoid in charity shops and that is puzzles/jigsaws. Unless it is in a sealed box, don’t even bother. There is no guarantee whatsoever that all the pieces are there and there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than not being able to finish a puzzle.

It’s for a good cause – obviously!
It’s up to you which charity shop you go into, so chose one that you would like to support. But regardless of that, the whole point of a charity shop is to raise money and awareness of a charity. These little shops full of wonders and curios are there to support other people/animals/etc.. so just drop in and see if something takes your fancy.

Don’t forget to donate
It’s getting closer to summer now and you’ll probably be doing a clear out of your winter clothes to make room for summer dresses and kimonos. Whilst you do that, have a quick search around and see if there is anything that you haven’t worn in ages or don’t like anymore – then take them to a charity shop of your choice.

So really what I’m trying to say is stop being a snob, and go to a charity shop once in a while!



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