Society6 Wishlist

I’ve only recently come across this shop but OH MY GOD I LOVE IT. It’s so full of super quirky things, and also rather weird things like a pillow covered in cartoon butts*. But hey, that’s cool too. After a very long browse, I’ve picked my absolute favourites. And, yes this is another wishlist post, I’m not even sorry …


map pillow
Map Throw Pillow Cover – $20
How quirky is this? I don’t know what it is but I love anything with a world map on it, maybe it reminds me of how much I want to travel or something? Not sure, either way, I love this so much.

pug mug

Anatomy of a Pug Mug – $15
This is beyond brilliant. I’m not a massive fan of pugs, I think they’re slightly overrated but this mug just speaks to me. The range of amazing mugs this shop has though.. I might dedicate an entire wishlist post to their mugs.

phone case
Little and Fierce Phone Case – $35
I LOVE THIS QUOTE SO MUCH. I almost wish I had an iPhone just so I could buy this case.

laptop skin.jpg
Botanic Wars Laptop Skin – $20
Again, not the biggest Star Wars fan, but how freaking brilliant is this? Are you starting to see what I mean by quirky?

book bag.jpg
Bookworm Tote Bag – $22
Why don’t I already own this?

Moon clock.jpg
Moon Phases Wall Clock – $30
I love anything to do with the moon. I have a massive poster all about the moons phases, it’s so so pretty and I’m hoping to hang it up in my study soon. But this clock is nice and simple, I love it.

Can I hurry up and be rich please? Expect another wishlist post all about their mugs, I love and need them all so much.

Hope you enjoyed!

* Here’s the butt pillow, just in case you didn’t believe me.
butt pillow



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