A weekend away: Gin Festival in Truro

Saturday 25th June Jamie and I drove to Truro in Cornwall to go to a Gin Festival and it was really lovely. Turns out, Truro is 3 hours away from where I live, we however thought it was only an hour so we didn’t leave early enough and missed a few precious gin drinking hours but hey ho! Also, being the amazingly organized person I am … I forgot to book a hotel. So far, we’ve left late and will probably end up sleeping car – not great. Oh, and it’s tipping it down outside! It’s safe to say that the day didn’t exactly start in the best way but it got better!

We eventually got there the sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky and there was a Premier Inn (YAY!) just around the corner with 3 rooms left so we checked in, dropped our stuff off and then made our way to the festival.

When we got our tickets scanned they gave us each a Gin Festival glass which were the size of a fishbowl, love it!

gin festival 2.jpg

The tickets were £10, which was a bit of a bargain really. The actual festival itself was tiny, but I thought that made it so much nicer because it wasn’t packed with rowdy people who have had too much to drink and ruin it for everyone else. The overall feel of it was very very posh. Astro-turf laid down, circular recycled wood tables with flower center pieces surrounded by Premium Gin stalls and seafood and authentic clothing stands selling flower crowns and gorgeous handmade dresses with amazing music in background. It was just precious really.

gin festival 1.jpg

We made our way round the free samples, there was 5 gin stands in total. Each one was from around the area, and a lot of them were made in their garden sheds and oh my gosh, they were all delicious. Well, all but one. There was this one stand that were selling gin that was made out of potatoes – I passed because it didn’t smell very nice but Jamie tried and he wasn’t overly keen. Once we had exhausted all the free sample we made our way to the bar and filled our new glasses with all the gins!

gin festival.jpg

And of course, I bought a few mini bottles to take home – my favourite was the Wrecked Coast Clotted Cream gin. It doesn’t actually taste like clotted cream, it was made with the cream to make it super smooth. However, having said that – if you use frozen strawberries instead of ice-cubes then it does have a slight hint of strawberries and cream, mmm! The festival was their launch, so we were among the first to try it which was quite cool.

gin festival 3.jpg

 Our glasses were full, the sun was shining and smiles on our faces. All in all, we had such a lovely weekend and if I every see them advertising another gin festival – I will be there!

Thank you for reading!




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