The ’25 things that make me happy’ tag

After seeing Life Unscripted’s 25 things that make me happy tag, I just had to do one too. I do love a good tag and recognizing the things that make you happy is really important. This post is quite similar to my ‘It’s the little things‘ post but I love writing things like this so I’ve decided to carry on the happiness!

1. The good old fresh bed sheets feeling

2. Finding a little note written in old books, like “Get Well Soon Margaret”, I think it’s so adorable.

3. My Family

4. My Jamie

5. My morning coffee

6. Good hair days

7. Waking up to an empty sink (this is a newly developed happiness!)

8. Reading a really really good book

9. Kitten cuddles

10. Painting my nails

11. The Big Bang Theory – I could literally watch it for hours

12. Being cooked for

13. Colouring books

14. Going for walks, especially in the evening

15. Candles

16. Waking up naturally before your alarm

17. Unexpected naps that last for hours

18. Bubble baths, ahhh

19. Roast dinners

20. Cuddles

21. Feel good movies

22. Lie-ins on the weekend

23. Freshly baked cupcakes (I think I might go and bake some cupcakes now!)

24. Not meeting a single red-light on the way to work

25. Fridays

Now I tag everyone who reads this to write your own 25 things that make me happy tag! It was lovely to write and helped me remind myself about all the small things that make me happy.

Thank you for reading!



  1. I love this post! Namely because it’s all things that make me happy too! Apart from ‘My Jaime’ thats so cute, I was like ‘I totally need a boyfriend soon’. Lie ins at weekends and candles has to be major things that make me happy too. Apart from when I work on a weekend, I think it’s a sin for sure.

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    1. Aw bless you! My Jamie is the best 🙂 aah I love candles so so much! Best kind of therapy there is I reckon! Oh god, I do not miss working on the weekends! 9-5 jobs are where it’s at👌hahah!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve got a part-time job I have had for years and it does help when I’m short for cash since Uni is a bummer for money but I am working at half 8 in the morning this Sunday :((

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