Review: The Curse of Viola by Sherry Torgent

First of all, a huge thank you to Blue Ink Press for not only sending me this book, but for also introducing me to such a fantastic author – Sherry Torgent.

This is second book in the Greene Island Mystery Series, with the first being Dandelion on Fire (you can find my review for this here) and I have to hand it to Torgent, she did a brilliant job.

I am a sucker for a good series, but there is always the worry that the following books aren’t going to be as enticing as the first because you’ve already met the characters and have an understanding of the storyline. That was not the case with this book. Allow me to elaborate…

The story has something in it for everyone – myths and legends, curses (obviously), plagues, romance and a special kind of supernatural. Not the same old vampires and werewolves kind of supernatural because that’s super old and unoriginal now. This however was a very different type of supernatural. It was all about these amazing, and some not so amazing, abilities. The main antagonists possessed harming abilities, as you would suspect and Hardy and some of his friends possess many different abilities.

But, just like the previous book, the real strong point of this book is just how well written the characters are. The way they are written makes them so realistic and so genuine that you really feel like you’re in the room with them.

Emma was definitely my favourite character, if you have read Dandelion on Fire and my review for it, you’ll know why but I can’t explain much about her character without giving a lot away! She was introduced towards the end in Dandelion on Fire so as a reader, you don’t know too much about her. Her character goes through hell and back throughout the book, her internal struggles and tribulations were portrayed so well and written so genuinely that I just felt so much sympathy for her. Asia was a new addition to the story and she was just brilliant. She’s your typical antisocial teenager who refuses to wear anything that isn’t black, and of course – she hates everyone. Gradually as the story goes, she lets her guard down and falls in love. I really related to her character for so many reasons, mostly being that shes moody as hell.. haha!

Hardy, of course, just continued to grow as a character. I almost felt like a proud parent! At the beginning on DoF he was so young and naive and now he is strong and courageous and just so much more mature, and it sounds soppy but as readers we have been there from the very beginning with him and watching him grow just makes me so proud! He is portrayed so well and think that Torgent did such a good job with creating his unique character.

Okay, the ending… OH MY GOD THE ENDING?! I, obviously, will not give anything away however it was absolutely crazy. I think the only way to describe the ending is Romeo and Juliet with a supernatural twist, and then some. The ending had me on the edge of my seat the whole time and the tension was almost too much to bear, it was just incredible and totally unexpected.

All in all, this book had won my heart before the end of Chapter 1. It’s just an adventure from start to finish and almost impossible to put down. I couldn’t recommend this series any more – it’s just amazing. Well done Sherry!

Dandelion on Fire – Amazon

Curse of Viola – Amazon



  1. This makes me so excited to finish reading Dandelion on Fire (it is getting so good now!) and then to start reading this one! Great review, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liv xx

    Liked by 1 person

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