Review: Keep Walking – Never Look Back: Linda Jones

Firstly, a huge thank you to Publishing Push for sending me this lovely book.


Keep Walking – Never look back is the true story of love won and lost, but mainly lost.

How do you bounce back when the man you love runs off with your best friend? And, even if you do, how do you bounce back again when your next true love betrays you in almost exactly the same way?

Linda Jones describes with heartbreaking honesty and candour how she escaped a childhood of poverty and cruelty, only to jump into a succession of disastrous relationships. Yet, after half a lifetime of betrayal, duplicity and lies, she managed to come out on top.

My thoughts:

I really really enjoyed this book. It’s basically the author retelling her past and her journey to get to where she is now through the medium of story-telling instead of a biography or memoirs. To start with, I was unsure as to whether this would make for a good book. It was one of those things that either work brilliantly or it would just crash and burn. Luckily, it worked – I mean it really worked. Jones somehow made some of the most mundane day-to-day tasks funny and some of the most heart wrenching scenarios feel like they were happening to you there and then. I pretty sure my heart broke at least 10 times throughout, I really felt for poor Linda. You were sent threw a whirlwind of all the emotions, and as a reader you felt them very deeply.

As a whole, I found the book refreshing. It was a relatively easy read, and I loved that. Some of the things that Linda shared about her life and discussed with us readers were very hard hitting and heavy subjects, but that didn’t effect her writing – it was still kept relatively lighthearted whilst at the same time really pulling at your heart strings.

Death was definitely a recurring theme, most prominently towards the end. Having gone through the death of parent myself, as did Linda (sort of), I really really felt for her. I found myself blubbering whilst reading through the horrors and heartache of losing such a loved one. For me, this just made me love the book more – I could relate to her and I knew how she was feeling and it just made me want to give her a big cuddle!

I think what I loved the most about this book was that it was raw. Do you get what I mean> Like, it was untouched – there was no prettying things up, or making it sound more glamorous that it was. It was real life portrayed through real heartbreak and real happiness. Jones gave her completely honest account of her journey in life, and I really appreciated that. I loved how the book gave you such an insight to the real Linda and I really feel like I could just sit and drink coffee (although tea is more her thing) with her all day.

I read this wonderful book in 3 sittings over two days, I just didn’t want to put it down. The book ended with her at the age of 40-something and I really hope Jones writes another book about her life after that, after she gained control of her life and started living for her. I’d love to know what this newfound Linda got up to!

It’s available for download on Amazon here!



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