Weekend Wrap Up #1

Since Jamie started his new job and has weekends off we can now start going out and doing things so I’ve decided to start a Weekend Wrap series on my blog, I probably won’t post every weekend knowing me and my slightly sporadic blogging schedule but I’ll give it a good go!


This weekend has certainly been a busy one, but it’s been oh so lovely. On Saturday me, Mum and Jamie went to Kennet and Avon’s floating canal market in Bradford-on-Avon. My little sister was supposed to come too but she went to a sleepover instead so it was just the three of us. It only took us about an hour to get there and the weather was amazing. Jamie was really excited to show me Bradford-on-Avon because it’s so pretty and he knew I would love it – we’d driven through on the way to places a few times but we’d never stopped. Boy oh boy, was he right! It was so picturesque it was unbelievable, it was like a mini Bath. The building were just gorgeous and it was full of little boutiques and well kept gardens. I think Mum and Jamie were getting a little annoyed because I kept stopping to take photos and they’d lose me in the crowds, sorry not sorry…





We found the canal markets after what seemed like miles and miles of walking, and they were quite good but it was their first ever event so there wasn’t very much going on. Luckily, there was lots more going on closer to the center of town. There was a Civil War re-enactment going on, a vintage fair and loads of flea markets. Plus I wanted to look round all the charity shops and such. We sat down with an ice-cream and watched the artillery display was alright but very loud so we moved on from there and looked around all the markets and shops,  and then stopped for lunch. We had our lunch on a boat which was quite fun but when the lock gates opened the boat started swaying which a really weird feeling when you’re eating lunch – I couldn’t tell if it was the wine going to my head or if we were actually moving!




After a massive lunch, we headed back to the car and went into Bath and B-Lined for Primark. I bought so so much but I won’t go into that now – I might write a separate post about that in the week. After shopping until we dropped – literally – we headed home. I was quite proud because my step count goal is 8000 steps a day and after all the walking around on Saturday I reached 14, 663 steps which I was super super proud of!


Today we had planned to go for a bike ride from Cheddar to Sandford but after all the walking we did yesterday and with my back playing up as much as it is at the moment we decided against it. Instead we had a really chilled out day, and it was lush. We had a little lie-in which was just a dream and got up slowly. Sat and had a coffee and had lots of kitten cuddles for an hour or so and then headed out.

Jamie has recently decided (much to my dismay) that he is getting a shed. I am trying to see the benefits for this i.e extra storage, if he annoys me I can banish him to his shed, blah blah but the prospect of old car parts and greasy shoes walked through my lounge and a hoard of things that “may be useful one day” is putting me off slightly… Nevertheless, it’s out of my hands and he has agreed that I can do whatever I want to the flat without his opinion if he can have a shed so I guess I can put up with it! So today, we went to a Garden Center so he could look at the right size and type of shed that he wants, to me – a shed is a shed but I suppose he says that about a lot of things I buy so I went along with it. We spent a good half an hour looking at sheds and I mist admit, I got quite into it! I decided that once he has his shed, I can frame it with some decorative trees and plant and make it pleasing to the eye so I got almost as excited as he did!

Once we finished in the shed section we wandered round inside and I found a few little bits and bobs for the flat and then we went to cafe. Because I put up with his shed antics Jamie treated me to Afternoon Tea and it was stunning!




We had cucumber sandwiches and macaroons – which I had never actually tried before – and they were absolutely delicious. And after a rather heated debate as to whether it’s jam then cream or cream then jam (thoughts?!), we devoured our scones!

I’ve been pondering with the idea of taking up a new crafty hobby recently and I just couldn’t decided what to start with. I really want to start knitting and my nan did teach me a while ago but I’ve forgotten. But I found a book that all sorts of different projects with different skills involved in it that I can have a go at and see what suited me best.


After all that, we came home and since then we’ve just kinda chilled. I’ve got a bit of house work to do *boo* but I’ll probably go for a wander later.

What have you been up to this weekend?



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