Weekend Wrap up #2

So, I’ve kept to my word and this is second post in my Weekend Wrap Up series, let’s see how long I keep this going … haha! This weekend was quite chilled which made a nice change!

So, on Wednesday I had a phone call from my little sister and she was in one hell of a panic. “It’s mums birthday on Friday and I haven’t got anything for her! Help?” Ah. I work 9-5 every week day so finding a shop open after I get home would prove to be tricky at the least so I suggested that we make Mum’s birthday a 2 day event, ya know, like the Queen. Of course, Mum loved this idea as it meant 2 days of being treated like a princess – who could say no?! So Saturday morning my little sister and I went into town and set to birthday present shopping. We managed to find a few lovely little things – some gorgeous smelling body lotions, perfume and bubble bath – pamper sesh! The only trouble was that it was beautiful sunny day, which usually is great but it meant that I had to sit in traffic for over an hour and half, in the blazing heat and then fight for a car parking space (windows down a smidge but doors firmly locked – I will shout at you but you can’t get to me, mwahaha) so this experience was a little dramatic! But we finally got parked up and went shopping. I must admit, I had a really lovely time. Me and my sister, as like all siblings, can fight like cat and dog and don’t always see eye to eye but since I moved out, we’ve been getting on so so well and it’s really great to spend the day together – she even bought me lunch!! I also did a bit of shopping myself as I have recently joined the #beechat snail mail and I had to get a pretty writing set to send all my letters with.

I even bought an address book to keep all the addresses in – I’ve never owned an address book! I bought a load of crafty stuff as well – some really cute stickers for my letters and some adhesive frames for my scrapbook. Hopefully I’ll be able to start it soon but I’m still trying to find the perfect scrapbook that doesn’t cost the earth! The writing set looks really pretty but the paper is little naff, the pattern on it isn’t the best but until I find something different it will have to do.
We also nipped into Matalan and I finally managed to find a new handbag that didn’t break the bank and that I love so I’m super pleased with that. The only issue that I have with it is that it doesn’t have a shoulder strap so I constantly have to have it hanging off my arm which can get a little uncomfortable.


Once we had finished shopping we headed back to my flat where Jaz wrapped all of her presents and whilst we were away, Jamie had been working hard at a birthday cake. It was quite funny because half way through our mini shopping trip I texted Jamie and asked him if he needed me to pick him anything up and all I got back was “A whisk! It’s died!” so at least I know he was working hard! He had made my Mum a coffee and walnut cake (her favourite!) and you were smacked in the face by the most amazing smell when you walked through the door. After that, we made our way to Mums to give her all of her presents. This was really lush because my little brother was there too and I haven’t seen him in what seems like ages!



So all in all I think Mum had a great 2 day birthday – it was quite a lovely change to spoil her this time and seeing as Jamie has a new job and we have a little extra money coming in I was actually able to spoil her! The book she has in her hands is “Elephants on acid and other bizarre experiments” and I’ve made her promise to give it to me after she’s read it because it’s sounds really interesting, and a little weird – my kind of thing.

Today we did a lot but it was really chilled. Jamie let me sleep in late which was oh so lovely so I wasn’t awake until gone 10am. I did a few little jobs and then we set out at about 12 to the airstrip in Westonzoyland to go and watch the NSA (National Sprint Association). Now, bike racing or anything to do with bikes for that matter is not really my thing but I figured Jamie does a lot for me that aren’t necessarily his cup of tea – like spending 6 hours in the book barn (hehe). However, I really really enjoyed it! For anyone that doesn’t really know what I’m talking about, the NSA is basically a a group of bikers that get together and race (or not race) their bikes on a standing quarter. It was really really noisy but it was really quite impressive. Plus, he bought me chips so I was all good.




There was one man there that was paralyzed from the waist down, but he still raced. He had a modified bike with a sidecar that contained his wheelchair and then he strapped himself to the bike and off he went. I personally thought he was amazing! There was another man there that was 83 years old. Jamie took quite an interest in him because he was racing Jamie’s bikes big brother, and again – he was brilliant. So I did actually quite enjoy it, although I was very grateful for the peace and quiet when got back in the car.

After the races we found a car boot nearby and had a gander. I absolutely love car boots, so many cheap books! You may be able to guess what I bought? I was good though, I only bought 2 although there was so many I would love to have bought.


Then we headed in to Wells for a wander around and a coffee. Well that was the idea anyway – I ended up with a gin and tonic. How did that happen? We went round a few shops but all I ended up buying was Saffie a new cat toy and a new shower head – exciting stuff. But we found a spot on the green, with the most beautiful view. One day I’m going to bring a picnic blanket and book and stay here all day.


Each time I see the cathedral I just cannot believe how beautiful and intricately designed it is. It’s really quite something!

So now, I’m sat at home with a sleepy kitten snoring on my lap. Jamie has gone out for a ride on his bike and I’m going to sit and do some more planning for my book and then write my snail mail letters. And household chores. Ugh.

Look at how gorgeous she is!


I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, tell me about it in the comments!



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