Hobbies I want to take up

I’ve been looking around for a little while for something crafty to do, like little D.I.Y projects and such. The trouble is they all require some kind of skill like knitting and embroidery and such – skills that I don’t currently possess. So I’ve decided to pick a few little hobbies and past times and teach myself the basics. I think it would be so lovely to spend a Sunday afternoon making a blanket or something, something to keep your mind occupied and you end up with something pretty at the end of it. I’d also then be able to make gifts for friends and family and we all know that handmade gifts mean so much more than store bought presents.

So, here are a few things that I have decided I want to know how to do:

1. Jam Making
I love love love homemade jam. My Nan makes a mean damson jam, it really is exquisite. I would quite like to make my own jam, I’d probably start with raspberry because they are my favourite. I just need to get hold a huge pot!

2. Calligraphy
I would absolutely love to be able to write beautifully. I bought a calligraphy manual a few weeks ago so I could learn the basics but I don’t have the right equipment, like proper pens and such so I’ll have to get my hands on those and then I can have a go! I’d be able to write pretty labels for all my jam jars. 😛

3. Knitting
A favourite past time for many! I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with blankets and how great would it be to snuggle up in a blanket made by yourself. Once I’ve mastered knitting I’ll be able to make cute little teddies and all sorts. I have a crafty book called ‘Makery’ and it has loads a projects to try in it like chunky rugs and knitted cup scarves, so the sooner I learn to knit the better!

4. Sewing
Don’t get me wrong – I can sew a stray button back on to a shirt but I can’t make myself a dress. It’s safe to say that I am a beginner when it comes to sewing so I’ll need to get a bit more practice in. I don’t necessarily want to be able to design and create my own clothes but I’d quite like to make cushions and cute little (simple) things like that!

5. Scrapbooking
Ah, I just love scrapbooks. They’re such a brilliant concept and so much more fun than a boring old photo album. I have loads of supplies for it, like little wooden adhesive frames, stickers, ribbons, buttons, glitter, etc … but I’m missing the actual book. I have found it quite tricky to scrapbook without the scrapbook. The only trouble is I want a high quality and nice looking book and I don’t know if you checked lately but they are bloody expensive! If anyone knows of anywhere that sell cheap but nice scrapbooks, then please please please let me know!

I think being able to do things like this would make my weekends so much more fun and I just love getting creative – plus, it gives me an excuse to buy more stationary bits and bobs!





  1. I have a never ending list of hobbies I always want to take up. There’s never enough time in the day!! My mom gave me her old sewing machine last summer so I’m finally lining up some projects to learn to sew. We should try doing the same project one week!

    I can’t knit to save my life but I’ve been crocheting since I was 8 so if you ever get curious, let me know. I’m writing a beginners guide on my blog for next week! With both knitting and crocheting you’ll definitely want to check out Ravelry.com, tons of free patterns and ways to track your projects.

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    1. Buddy Project!! We have to make this a thing?! What project? Something simple to start with though! Ooh crocheting sounds fun, I’d love to learn so I will definitely be reading your post! Oh brilliant, I will do – thank you! I personally can’t wait to start scrapbooking, I love doing it so much!


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