Bookworm Problems

I’ve already posted the perks of being a bookworm so I figured it was only fair that I told you how it really is. Really, there are no downsides but there are some definite side effects to being a bookworm and here they are:

1. Book Back Ache
Oh yeah, it’s real. It doesn’t matter where you read, whether you are in bed or on the sofa or on the train – at some point you will hunch over your book. And it is that hunch that will give you the the infamous book back ache. You can try and change your position as many times as you like, but inevitably it will come back and haunt you – after approximately 15 minutes, maybe sooner.

2. Sleepless nights
Brilliant, you’ve finally found a book that from page 1 you’ve been hooked. It’s a brilliant feeling – I’ve become so picky with books lately so finding one that I love from the beginning is a rare and much loved feeling. However… finding a book you like naturally means it’s impossible to put down, this means you can say goodbye to sleep and days out in the sunshine and say hello to bags under your eyes and pale skin. But hey, small price to pay – right?

3. Post book sadness
This has affected me many an occasion, so much so that I have written an entire post about it here. Now, some people will refer to this as a book hangover but I much prefer post book sadness. It’s even on Urban Dictionary!

4. Finding your next book
This is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, no decision has ever bewildered me so much. The thought of having to choose my next book is sending a shiver down my spine already. Do you go for a book that has been sat on the shelf for a while or the new one you picked up last week? Oh, but your friend recommended a book last week, maybe you should try that one? Shit, it’s book club in 2 weeks, maybe I should read that book instead? ARGH! It’s impossible.

5. “You’ve got too many books!”
The haters. They simply do not understand! You can never, I repeat never, have too many books. “You should take the books you’ve read to a charity shop or something” I’m sorry, what? Would you take your children to the charity shop once you’re bored of them? No? These books are my babies, and no, I’m not kidding.

These are pretty much the only things wrong with being a bookworm, like literally – this is it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not easy work!



  1. Oh, I can 100% relate to post book sadness and finding your next book to read. It’s such a difficult decision — especially when you’re still caught up over the way a previous novel ended, OR you’re mourning the death of a fictional character and struggling to move on from it (so when you start a new book you’re still thinking about them). :’)


  2. Book aches and book hangovers are the real deal. After finishing one of my favorite series, I’ve yet to find a new book to start reading. It’s like you give your all into a book, you stick through the ups and downs with the characters, and then it’s over. Kind of like a bad breakup haha

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn’s Korner

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