30 Book Blog Post Ideas

I categorize myself as a “book blogger” but I don’t feel like that’s strictly true because I don’t always post about books, so instead I use an umbrella term such as “lifestyle blog” because that covers, well, pretty much anything and everything. But one of my biggest issues with book blogging is I don’t always want to post reviews because I feel like that gets very samey and doesn’t really set me out from the rest, and it’s quite nice to break away from the usual sometimes. I’ve had a little think and come up with a few ideas for book bloggers to use in between reviews and such…

  1. Mini reviews – okay yes, technically this is a review but they’re only small ones. Like literally just bullet points and a star rating kinda thing – that way you can get 3 or more reviews done in 1 post
  2. TBR lists – monthly, yearly, seasons – whatever takes your fancy
  3. Best books of the year so far round up
  4. Worst books of the year so far round up (it works both ways!)
  5. If you like this book then read these
  6. Your DNF (did not finish) pile and why
  7. Do you arrange your bookshelf in a certain way? Tell us about it (add pictures!!)
  8. Your favourite books growing up
  9. Tags! Ah, I love tags SO much – you just need to do a quick google and you’ll find tons, like this one.
  10. Take your favourite book and create a playlist for it – I think this is a really fun idea and I’m definitely going to give a go soon!
  11. Bookish DIY – tutorial on how to make bookmarks, etc
  12. Discussion post for example mental health in YA fiction
  13. Book haul!
  14. If you’re lucky enough to have a designated reading space, show us!
  15. Share your perks of being a bookworm
  16. Or even your Bookworm Problems
  17. Best books for when you’re feeling low (feel good reads etc)
  18. Best books for when you’re feeling happy (books that have motivated you)
  19. Your favourite places to read (with pictures!)
  20. How you overcome a reading slump
  21. What would make you give a 5/5 star rating
  22. Fictional Bucket List – Ahhhh I love this idea!
  23. Bookish Gift Guide
  24. Come across an underrated author/book? Share it with us!
  25. Share your most beautiful books – pretty editions, old books, etc …
  26. Books VS Film Adaptations
  27. Favourite literary quotes
  28. Your thoughts on required reading and books that you would put on the school curriculum
  29. If you write a lot of reviews for publishing companies etc, see if you can get an Author Guest Post
  30. Books that everyone should read once


  1. Great post! Had to scramble to find my notebook to jot down some ideas… Reviews are fun to write, but I agree with you that it does get repetitive when all I can think about to post with regards to books are reviews. Thanks for a great list of suggestions! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fab post! Definitely going to bookmark this one. Am trying to up my book posts on my blog so always looking for posts like this for when I run out of my own ideas! I get what you mean about reviews, I think my biggest struggle is getting my words down and fully forming an opinion that’s more than just I liked/didn’t like it!

    Laura // Laura Wardrobe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah I’m glad this was helpful! I think it’s essential to mix it up a little bit, reviews just get so boring after a while! If I can think of some more I might do a Part 2!!


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