30 List Post Ideas

Haha, I’m sorry this is just too brilliant – I love lists, therefore I am going to write a list of post ideas that use lists, because lists are great. A list post is just fab, they’re easy to write and fun to read. You can bosh out a list post in half an hour and your readers will love it, well I will anyway. So here is my list about lists (have I said ‘list’ enough?) …

  1. 25 facts about me (this is really fun one to write and is a brilliant way for your readers to get to know the person behind the blog)
  2. 20 goals before 20 (this can obviously be modified, e.g 30 goals before 30, etc..)
  3. Bucket lists
  4. Places you want to travel
  5. Places you have travelled to (and what you thought of them)
  6. Gratitude List (so 25 things that make me happy, or 7 things I’m grateful for, etc..)
  7. 10 things I wish I knew before (..I started blogging, I started University, you get the idea..)
  8. 10 tips for overcoming anxiety
  9. 10 tips for newbie bloggers
  10. 10 tips for starting a bullet journal (BuJo’s are a huge thing at the moment, this post will likely get a lot of love)
  11. 10 tips for (well, anything really)
  12. 10 books to read this summer
  13. 10 books to read this winter
  14. 10 books to read this autumn
  15. 15 shows/films that you just have to watch on Netflix right now
  16. 10 classic films that everyone needs to watch (Disney classics, etc..)
  17. 10 things you wish you had done differently
  18. TBR lists (my favourite kind of list)
  19. A list of Blogs you’re loving at the moment
  20. 10 Instagram’s you need to be following
  21. 10 Twitters you need to be following
  22. Favourite/motivational quotes
  23. Wishlists (these work really well as list posts and they’re really fun to write)
  24. 25 things you couldn’t live without
  25.  10 things to do on a rainy day
  26. 10 ways to have the best duvet day
  27. 10 ‘must-do’ things when in *insert place here*
  28. 7 ways to have childish fun
  29. 7 easy ways to save money
  30. 15 things to do on a budget

These are just general lifestyle type posts that can tweaked to tailor to your niche, and obviously the numbers can be changed!



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