How I gained over 500 followers in 1 month

If you’re anything like me, you read every post available on how to increase your twitter audience and let me guess? None of them work, or if they do it’s only a temporary increase. Well I tried and tested a few of my own ideas on what I thought might help increase my following count and I came across an amazingly easy way to do it. As far as I am aware, there aren’t posts about this, I think this is an original idea – either way, I’ve not seen it anywhere so it’s new to me.

Before I did this, I had around about 500 followers and now my followers count is 1,397. I’ve being doing this for just under 2 months now and I’m SO pleased with the results.

To start with you are going to want to download or register with a Social Media Engagement Tool, good examples include Crowdfire or Statusbrew. Sync it with your Twitter account, it’s really easy and will show you how to do it. Bookmark this website or make a note of it, you will need it later on.

Next, find a Twitter account that you like. One that posts content that you like, or is similar to the stuff you would post a.k.a someone you would want to follow. Then all you do is bulk follow the people they follow, and trust that they are following people that posts content that is similar to their style. This way you a likely to be following people you will enjoy reading, and there’s nothing to say you can’t unfollow them at a later stage if you don’t enjoy their stuff. I’d say you’re going to get the best results by following at least 100 account.

Then you wait. At least 24 hours. This gives the people you have followed a good chance of following you back, they probably aren’t all going follow back in the first hour.

Once at least 24 hours have passed, you want to find your Social Media Engagement Tool. Then you go to the people that aren’t following you back. Now, you can unfollows those that didn’t return the follow from your little following spree. Obviously, you don’t have to unfollow them, but I prefer not to be following anyone unless they are following me back. Most of these websites, unless you are paying for the service (which I don’t), limit your unfollow count to 100 every 24 hours so if you need more than this, register with more than one of the websites. I have an account with Statusbrew and Crowdfire and use both of them pretty much everyday.

Repeat the process as much you want, with either the same or a different favoured account. I personally find this a really quick and easy way to gain followers, and I meet so many more like-minded people and bloggers which is really exciting!

Obviously, there are other ways to gain followers for example engaging with your fellow bloggers but I find this is much more effective.

If you try this, please let me know how it went for you!

You can do the same for Instagram, however Instagram’s policies changed June this year, and you have to pay for the service now. Instagram don’t allow you to bulk unfollow/follow for free anymore. 



    1. Twitter is brilliant for driving traffic to your blog, the more people that follow you on Twitter the more visibility your blog gets (if you promote your blog on twitter)! Give it a go, it works really well for me! X

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  1. Hm I don’t really like this method because I use twitter to actively connect and I can’t do that when I’m following so many people I don’t really care about and can see the meaningful posts in my feed. Also I’m not a fan of this follow for follow approach because that person you followed and didn’t follow back probably had their reasons for not following you back, which probably is that your content just isn’t for them. Yet their content could still be valuable to you. But I understand (and have seen from thousands of accounts who use crowdfire etc. to do this) that it is an effective method to gain follower numbers.
    I’d be interested to know if you found that your new followers engage in your tweets a lot?

    Best wishes (and I hope you don’t see this comment as me being mean but just coming from a different perspective) 🙂 xxx

    Anissa Marie from

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    1. No, I totally understand where you are coming from! The way I see it is that someone would only follow back because my content appeals to them therefore more visibility for my blog. Potentially, their content could appeal but I don’t like following someone that doesn’t follow me back, I guess that’s just personal choice. I get a lot of engagement in my tweets, I don’t know if this because of my follow count or just a few lovely followers that like to engage!I personally engage with my followers lots, but I don’t always get responses etc – but I guess thats just how it works! Thank you for your comment, it was interesting to see and hear your ideas on it all! 🙂 xxx


  2. This was great! I recently started going through who I was following because I just followed so many random people in the beginning just to kick it off! But I just used Statusbew and it was so helpful 🙂 Thanks xx

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  3. Hiya! I’m a beginner. Really love your blog… I’ll definitely try what you said. Blogging communities are another way to boost traffic on ones blog. Can you suggest some blogging communities to be a part of?


    1. Aw, brilliant – I’m glad you found this helpful. If you do try this out, let me know how it goes! Oh really? Yay! I think you followed me on Instagram recently, too? I’ve followed you back, if so! X


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