Guest Post: Political Correctness in the Modern World—a Threat? Only Without Critical Thinking by WH Wisecarver

Political Correctness (PC), and its negative form, Propaganda, are as old as civilization. One can find it on Babylonian clay tablets. Its use can be found in writings as early as the 14th Century, twisting the goals of the “powers that be” to hide their true agendas. But the modern era of political correctness began in the 1930s with the advent of radio, allowing instant dissemination of false choices, covering rational thought with emotional hyperbole, and most damaging of all: vectoring the human mind from critical thinking about the concepts expressed. Political correctness can be found in closely controlled soundbites that drown out any voice or alternative that are not conducive to the political agenda. The Bolsheviks and the Nazis showed the modern world how it’s done. The advance of technology only accelerated the process.

The danger of PC is that once infused into our thinking process, the brains’ logic centers shut down. Our ability to critically think about a concept stops. A label is applied to it. Nothing is resolved, no opinion is changed, and no solution to the issue is formulated. Political Correctness and Propaganda are two sides to the same coin.

The primary goal of PC soundbites is to appeal to emotions instead of logic. This is not rocket science, or some deep intellectual exercise. All humans use their critical thinking processes every day, from driving to work, to decisions on what to eat for lunch.

But in the political world (of which I include one’s social, economic or foreign policy goals), evaluation, debate, and understanding the history of the issue is required for finding solutions. By shutting down the brain’s thinking, PC obscures logic and deprives the brain of additional information relevant to understanding. It stops the fundamental perquisite of democracy: Free speech.

Political Correctness turns any debate into an inquisition. It demands submission to the dogma, curtailing critical thinking about the concept. Take any subject you wish and you will find PC’s damaging effect in our society. Witness the last fifty years of western civilizations’s economic, foreign, and domestic issues in our government’s policies. For example:

  •   If I’ve been indoctrinated by political correctness to see any discussion of economic equality as “socialism” or “class warfare” — I shut down critical thinking about the amount of capital liquidity required to maintain a healthy economic growth within the system.
  •   If I’m indoctrinated with the soundbite that the answer to every foreign policy issue is to put “Boots on the Ground,” then I don’t evaluate that strategy’s cost in “Blood and Treasure” of the nation’s citizens, nor the strategy’s success (or lack of) since 1945.
  • If I’m indoctrinated by political correctness to look for racism or anti-Semitism, in any communication, then I can find racism or anti-Semitism in just about anything. An emotional label is applied, without any thought to the concept.

Political Correctness intimidates emotionally. The PC crowd says they are attacking bad ideas—but that’s not the point — because the good or bad of the concept is immediately understood with critical thinking. Most aware humans, regardless of political, religious or social persuasions know something’s wrong and the soundbites don’t add up. Their confusion is justified, but the solution is right in front of us all. Use your brain! Think.

Ask two simple questions of a soundbite: “How” and “Why.” How does that statement address the issue; and Why is the soundbite a viable alternative to resolving the issue? If the sound bite can’t answer both of those questions, then one instantly realizes its relevance to your life, your goals, or solving the issue at hand. This is the PC disseminator’s greatest fear, because the next question one asks is “Why would they say that?” Suddenly the emperor has no clothes.

This is why I wrote my novel Resurrection: An American Journey, as historical fiction. The primary goal is waking all citizens of every nation to the dangers of political correctness, by enlightening them to the history of how we got here, where we are, and what each individual can do about it.

I’ve lived in many places, worked with and in, many cultures. In my experience, once the average human frees themselves from political correctness by critically thinking, the solutions become rather obvious. As I say in the book: Don’t trust me, I ask only that you trust yourself!

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