Tips for sending review requests to bloggers

I feel like this post has been long overdue. I’ve had a lot, and I mean a lot, of review requests and quite frankly – a lot of them have been verging on rude. This post is directing to Authors really, but also other bloggers who are accepting review requests so they know what to look out for and what to accept in terms of how you are spoken to.

  1. Check their review policy. This is so blatantly obvious, you’d think this would be a given but … no. Currently on my review policy page it states that I am unable to accept any requests at the moment (I will be updating this soon, I am now available). Regardless of that, I still get 2-3 emails a day asking me to review an authors new book. Now, seeing as my review policy is part and parcel with my contact page, I think it’s pure ignorance that they do no take notice of this. It annoys me beyond belief and makes me never want to work with you. So, open your eyes, read the policy and then decide whether sending an email is a good idea.
  2. Please bear in mind, a lot of us are doing this for free, so be patient. The main reason that I couldn’t accept requests was because I had been completely inundated with reviews, so much so that it was stressing me out. The amount of chase emails I received asking me to hurry up was ridiculous. Hurry up? How about you actually pay me for the time and effort it takes for me to do this for you instead expecting the world for free? No? Then shut up and be patient. Don’t chase us (obviously if it’s been like 6 months and you’ve heard nothing then, yes just check in and see if everything is okay).
  3. Be polite. You want someone to do something that will be massively helpful to you for free. Say please and thank you, and be grateful. DO NOT send something like this:Dear Blogger, Attached is a copy of my book for you to review. 

    Joe Blogs

    This may sound really rude, but if I receive that (which I have done, many times) then I will just not reply. At least use my name! That is presumptuous and plain rude.

  4. We have lives, jobs, blogs, etc etc … please give us a realistic deadline. Or even better, no set deadline at all. I get a lot of emails asking me to complete my review by the next week. If I were you, I’d say something along the lines of “It would be really helpful if you could complete your review in the next 2 months, but don’t stress about it!” or “There’s no real deadline, but something in the next few months would be great.”I thought this post was something that needed to be said because I’m a little tired of receiving emails that haven’t had a second thought put into it. The most important thing for me about writing reviews is helping new and upcoming authors but also, building relationships between authors and reviewers is SUPER important. You may need their help in the future, or you may be able to help them so a good relationship is key.Please don’t think this is a personal dig at anyone, I have had so many lovely emails from authors and I really value the authors I work with. It’s just every now and then I get emails that just make me angry so instead of sending a strongly worded email to these people, I thought a generic blog post would do a better job. 

    Also, if you come across a blogger that has stated they are unavailable to review you can always email and offer to write a guest post for them. This will help them and you! Then eventually, when they become available they are more likely to review your book for you.

    I think the moral of this post is be considerate, don’t be rude and start building good relationships with bloggers.




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