Review: PS Love To Glow Face Mask

I recently went to Primark a.k.a my favourite place ever. I bought a few little bits and pieces, a few candles (surprise surprise), a top in the sale and some face/make up stuff. This little pot was £3, and I love a good face mask so I figured I’d give it a go.

face mask.jpg

So, the mask promises to exfoliate, smooth, brighten and moisturize the skin and it suited to oily and dry skin types which is perfect for me because my skin is weird – in some places it’s super oily and in others it’s dry and scaly.

I applied it with a brush, but that was purely because I didn’t want to cake my fingers in clay. You put it on all around your face, avoiding the eye area obvs, and leave it for 10 minutes.

face mask 1.jpg

At first, my skin was burning and I was just about to wash it off quickly but then it started to cool down and I felt my face relax a little. I tried it a few times since and each time my face starts to heat up and sting a little to start with, but when I washed it off there was no redness or signs that my skin didn’t like it so I wasn’t too bothered by it. So, after washing it off  my face felt so smooth and soft! My dry areas were no longer visibly dry and felt a lot more moisturized, but my oily areas didn’t seem to change very much. But it’s the dry areas on my skin that bother me the most so I wasn’t too fussed by it. My skin definitely looked a little more vibrant, like it belonged to a human rather than my usual zombie skin.

I would recommend it but it might be a good idea to avoid this if you have very sensitive skin. At only £3, you kinda get what you pay for but I was pleased with it and would buy again!




  1. I have just discovered your blog through Love Live and Explore, who nominated you Blogger of the week! She is right, such a positive blog! I liked the price of the mask, but you are so right, maybe not good for sensitive skin. Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

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