The A-Z of Happiness Challenge

ThriftyVintageFashion created this wonderful challenge, I came across it and just had to give it a go. I love doing things like this and also I doing a massive push on happiness and all things surrounding on my blog at the moment so I thought this was very fitting!

So, Nicole described this challenge as “So I came up with the A-Z of happiness challenge. For each letter of the alphabet, there is something that you can do to help improve your own mental health or someone’s else’s. There is no rush to complete the challenge. Some are simple and some may require more thought and preparation. This challenge is perfect for anyone going through recovery from a mental illness or anyone wanting to reduce their stress levels and improve their mental health in general. There are 26 things in total you can do as part of this challenge.”

Shall we get started?

Appreciate – Appreciate everything. The people around you. Having a roof over your head. Happy days. Not so happy days – they make you who you are. Family. Having food in your fridge. You get the idea, just appreciate everything you have.

Believe – Believe in yourself, firstly – that’s massively important. Believe that things happen for a reason and that it’ll work out in the end. Also, books. Books make me very happy.

Creativity – being creative is something I love doing. Making cards instead of buying them, mini projects, making little token gifts. It’s definitely an outlet and if I’m feeling especially panicky, all I have to do is bosh out a few little origami hearts and I calm right down.

Dance – have you every tried to dance and not smile at the same time? It’s practically impossible. Just whack on some music and start cleaning or go for a drive and you just can’t help yourself but start to jig around. It release endorphins and puts a smile on your face!

Excited – stop being such an adult and get excited about things! I absolutely love that giddy feeling you get in your tummy when you get excited about something. Whether it’s new tea towels that have got you excited or the countdown to Christmas – embrace it!

Family – like everyone else, I don’t always get on 100% with my family but that’s just how it goes. At the end of the day, I love them all so very much and I’m so grateful for each and everyone one of them.

Gratitude – this is, obviously, massive. I’ve already written a post all about writing a gratitude journal and I think that will explain how important gratitude is.

Hobbies – I briefly touched on hobbies earlier, I love my crafty stuff. I think having a hobby is really important, it gives you something to focus on when you need a distraction or are having a rough day.

Indulge – in whatever you want, chocolate, your fav tv show, whatever takes your fancy. Just think of it as self-love, then you don’t need to feel guilty!

Journal – I love keeping a journal. It’s a safe place to vent about your day or fangirl about your daily wins. You can write down all your secrets and worries and joys and (as long as you’re good a hiding it) no one will know – a judgement free area.

Kindness – being  a kindhearted person will have a massive impact on your happiness. The problem is that we all say we are kind people but how often do we go out of our way to do a kind thing for someone, whether big or small? Try and make kind choices everyday, like holding the door for someone or maybe even paying for their bus ticket.

Laughter – it’s contagious! There is honestly nothing better than a good old genuine belly laugh. It’s the best kind of therapy!

Me-time – making time for yourself is super important. Pamper yourself and make yourself feel lovely. Curl up with a book or have a bubble bath – whatever you do, take time for yourself and look after yourself.

Nourishment – eating the right stuff is vital. There’s nothing wrong with pigging out every now and then, but as long predominately you are eating your greens and putting the right fuel into your body you will start to feel so much happier.

Opportunities – all sorts of things open themselves up to in life and learning to take opportunities as and when they pop is mega important. So stop saying no, and start saying yes!

Pretty things – surround yourself with aesthetically pleasing things. At the moment I’m loving pastel colours and copper tones, so I’ve got a few pretty little bits on my bedside table – I know it’s not much but sometimes it’s the little bits that make you the happiest.

Quiet time – sometimes you just need to sit in silence and reflect on everything. What’s going well and what isn’t going well, a bit of quiet time allows you to think about what needs to be changed in your life, what you need to do to make you happier and where to go to next.

Rest – rest is oh so important! You need to let your body have a little break every now and then. A good starting point would be a good nights sleep or at least a midday nap!

Saffie – my little furbaby! She’s beyond lush and makes me so very happy.


Treat yourself – grab a coffee on the way to work, or get that book you’ve heard such great things about. A little treat every now and then is lovely.

Unique – it goes without saying, you’re the only you therefore in a world of copycats, you are very unique and you should be proud of that!

 Victoria Secret – Life’s too short for ugly underwear! And a huge confident boost will always be matching undies.

Write – writing is so therapeutic. Whether you’re writing a story or just writing for the sake of it, it’s just brilliant. I wrote a post all about free writing which is perfect for something like this!

eXplore – (kinda cheating I know but all I could think of was xylophone!) but go out and see the world!

You matter – never forget that.

Zzz – this goes hand in hand with rest. Get enough sleep!






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