The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Lazy Day

You’ve been working hard, your mind, body and soul are exhausted. Sure, you could live off espresso’s and 4 hours sleep or you could be a total couch potato for 24 hours. Go full on, guilt free lazy. You know what they say, look after your body and your body will look after you. Your body needs this. Your soul needs this.

So how do you go about having the quintessential lazy day?

First of all, turn that alarm off. Let your body wake up naturally, and don’t feel guilty if that’s at 11am! And wake up slowly, that is key. No rushing, no shit I woke up late, none of it!

Now it’s time for breakfast. None of that healthy crap either! Choccy spread on toast or sugary cornflakes. Junk food is a must for days like this so start as you mean to go on.

You know that bath bomb you bought last year and forgot you had? Dig it out and run yourself a steamy bath. Take a book with you and just relaaaaax. Maybe pop a face mask on and everything, go crazy!

Pop a fluffy dressing gown on (no bra! remember, we’re all about comfort today) and your slippers, grab your duvet and get cozy on the sofa. Find a couple of your favourite films and go-to cheat day snacks.

Lunch should only consist of carbs and sugar.

Plenty of catnaps should be taken.

Under no circumstances should you move from your spot unless you run out of snacks or need a wee. Anything else is out of bounds. No checking your emails or making phone calls. Today is about you, and only you!



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