Happiness is…

This is a little similar to posts I’ve done in the past, however this is quite a bit longer. I’m going to list 100 things that mean happiness to me, wish me luck!

1. Taking selfies with pets
2. When you’re driving and your favourite song comes on
3. Dancing in your underwear
4. Chasing butterflies
5. Cloud races
6. Receiving hand-written letters
7. Ticking off stuff on your to-do lists
8. Going shopping with no budget
9. Getting lost in a good book
10. Coffee dates with your mum
11. A great fitting bra
12. Cycling downhill
13. Playing your music really loud
14. Solving a crossword
15. Waking up in a tent
16. Reading late at night
17. Fresh bed sheets and cozy blankets
18. Sea air
19. Being given a bunch of flowers
20. Chocolate spread sandwiches
21. Board games
22. Tickles
23. Being inside whilst it’s absolutely pouring down with rain outside
24. Going to the cinema
25. A new haircut
26. Cheesy chips
27. Seeing people who you love, smile
28. Pub lunches
29. Pampering yourself after a stressful day
30. The smell of summer rain on hot pavements
31. Chatting to a little old lady on the bus home
32. Counting stars
33. The smell of your hair post-shampoo
34. Silence
35. Spontaneous road trips
36. Kitty nose rubs
37. Being understood
38. When your hair does exactly what you wanted it to do
39. Payday
40. Acting silly and being childish
41. When a butterfly lands on your shoulder
42. Opening a new jar of chocolate spread
43. Going through old photos and reminiscing on lovely memories
44. Friday afternoons
45. When your sister is also your bestfriend
46. Perfectly pink lipstick
47. Waking up naturally at sunrise
48. Coming home from the bookshop with loads and loads of new books
49. Releasing paper lanterns
50. Feeling nostalgic
51. Family BBQ’s
52. Just sitting and thinking about anything and everything
53. Waking up before your alarm
54. The recovery nap after one of mums roast dinners
55. Balloons
56. Happy crying
57. The first coffee of the morning
58. Independent Bookshops
59. The bus drivers waiting for you so you don’t miss your bus
60. Having the world’s best Mum
61. An uncluttered bedroom
62. Afternoon naps
63. Finding money in an old purse
64. Dancing in the rain
65. Bear Hugs
66. Baking yummy cupcakes
67. Having Easter Eggs for brekkie
68. The smell of a bookshop
69. Hearing the words “I’m proud of you.”
70. A proper belly laugh
71. Meeting someone with the same sense of humour as you
72. Unexpected surges of inspiration and motivation
73. Giving and getting pet names
74. Blowing the dandelion seeds off of a dandelion
75. Free food samples at supermarkets
76. Walking on crunchy leaves
77. Brunch
78. Childhood stories
79. Yorkshire puddings
80. Back massages
81. Turning on your Out-of-Office for work
82. Being tucked into bed
83. Having ‘in-jokes’ with friends
84. The smell of freshly cut grass
85. Glitter
86. A purring kitty
87. Bubble baths and wine
88. Alone time, a string of thoughts and inspiration and a new pretty notebook
89. A kitty that doesn’t let you work
90. Not having to turn your alarm on for the next day
91. Losing track of time
92. Seeing elderly couples
93. Crispy bacon
94. Having plans for the future
95. The feeling of exhaustion after a good workout
96. Summer storms
97. Wrapping presents
98. Secret handshakes
99. The second layer in a box of chocolates
100. Knowing that actually, everything is going to be hunky dory



  1. This is so unbelievably wonderful, Kirsty!

    #27, ‘Seeing people who you love, smile’, made me smile no end.

    Also, Yorkshire puddings are the best, and #48 ‘Coming home from the bookshop with loads and loads of new books’, is one of the greatest ways to spend a day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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