Autumn Wishlist

October is my favourite month, for many reasons. Autumn is obviously one of those reasons – I know, technically Autumn starts in September but October signifies the start of Autumn for me. Also, it’s my birthday month which is very exciting! And lastly, Halloween – but that goes without saying. I’ve come up with yet another wishlist of all the things I would buy this Autumn if I were rich, I am not rich however, so instead I lustfully browse online and think about how the other half live and make posts about it. And feel sorry for myself.



Large Check Blanket Scarf
Large Check Blanket Scarf from Matalan – £8

I went to Matalan the other day with my Nan and fell in love with this scarf, there was another one there that I loved too but I can’t seem to find it on the website. Blanket scarves are just brilliant. They keep you super cosy on chilly mornings and act as a desk blanket when work decide that having the aircon on full blast in the middle of October is necessary.

Tan Zip Platform Boot

Tan Zip Platform Boots from Primark – £18 

My mum bought these the other day and I am beyond jealous – I desperately want a pair! They are so comfortable and cosy, the colour is perfect and the heel is high but it doesn’t feel too high when you’re wearing them – if that makes sense? Also, I’m a huge fan of the chunky heel, I just cannot for the life of me walk in stilettos without looking like a complete moron.


Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar from Lush – £3.95

In the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, how can you not? I can’t even explain how hard it was to narrow down my Lush Lust to one item. But I figured, Halloween-y and sparkly? GET IN MY BATH.

Oversized Aztec Printed Shawl

Oversized Aztec Printed Shawl from Matalan – £12

Autumn is all about layering up and I think this would be the perfect final layer, it just looks super super cosy. I love the pattern too – I think it would have to be paired with plain block colours, but I own a lot of black clothing so that won’t be a problem. I personally think that £12 is a steal!


Autumn pattern Mug

Autumn Pattern Mug from Society6 – £12

I’m lost for words. How friggin’ adorable is this mug? I would use this all year round, I don’t even care. Can you just imagine snuggling up with a blanket and a hot choc in THIS MUG? This just screams “autumn”.


I just want all the Autumn things. All of them. 


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