7 Instant (and easy!) Confidence Boosters

I’ve been trying to think of posts that I can write regarding self love and all things to do with looking after yourself. I’ve got a few up so far but I really want to push this idea because I’ve recently become really aware of how important it is. So expect more posts about this general idea in the future – this is one of them! 

A little confidence boost is helpful to us all every now and then. For some of us, low confidence might only come along every now and then and for others, it can something that has quite a big impact on life in general. For either cases, there are few little things that you can do that can help you boost your confidence. These can be used as temporary, short term solutions but if you use them often enough, they could very well become a permanent part of your thought processes.

  1. Write a bullet point list of your best bits. Whether it’s aesthetic or personality – or a mixture of both! And yes, you do have good bit – don’t be modest.
  2. Take a bit of time to remind yourself of everything you have already achieved. You probably focus more on the things that you want to achieve and haven’t yet, and less so on the things that you’ve already completely bossed. You’re allowed to be proud of all that you have done so far instead of beating yourself up about the things that haven’t happened yet.
  3. This is a just friendly reminder that everyone doubts themselves. It’s very normal and it absolutely doesn’t make you inferior to anyone else. You should just acknowledge those annoying, confidence destroying thoughts and then show them who’s boss, don’t let them dictate you.
  4. Mistakes are vital and necessary. You’ve heard this one a million times before I’m sure, but without making mistakes you won’t learn anything. You need to make mistakes to figure what works and what doesn’t and to learn from the whole situation. Don’t let mistakes dent your confidence, just see it as a learning curve.
  5. Leave your comfort zone behind. It’s scary, I know, but it’s worth it. Start small and work your way up. A little push towards something that might scare you will show you that you will survive things that you wouldn’t have usually thought you could deal with – which will then give you the confidence to try it again, so on and so on.
  6. Learn to accept a compliment. I’m very guilty with this one, whether it’s on how I look or that I have done well on something. I don’t really know why I, and so many many other people, find it so difficult to just say ‘thank you‘. But, they meant what they said – they wouldn’t have said it if they didn’t – so just accept the compliment and be happy that someone took the time to say something nice.
  7. Posture. Something as truly simple as standing straight can give you an instant boost. If you’re someone that shrugs your shoulders and keeps your head down then this may help you. If you push your shoulders back and hold your head high, you immediately radiate confidence and in turn, you will start to feel a little more confident. Having a confident strut is a very important tool!

I really hope at least one of these helps you. I think, at the end of the day, you just need to realise that you’re actually pretty damn incredible and you should hold your head high and be proud of yourself.



  1. This is such a good post, you should defiantly do more self help/ self love posts, you’re spot on. The last 3 I defiantly have trouble with and needed to read this, thank you ☺️

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  2. This is such a great post! I really like the thing about posture because I do tend to slump and actually thinking about it standing up more does help my confidence (which is getting better and better nowadays!) x

    Liked by 1 person

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