9 things to do tonight to make tomorrow better

An evening routine is paramount to creating a better tomorrow. It’s not all about getting a decent nights sleep – although that is super super important – it’s also about how you spend your evening and how you prepare yourself for the next day. Preparation is key.

Yes, this is yet another list post. I can’t help it, I’m sorry.

I’m not really sorry.

ANYWAY – here is my list of what to do to make tomorrow super duper amazing:

  1. Eat a proper dinner. Remember you need a colourful plate! Lots of veggies, and something filling. This will give you the energy you need to make tomorrow productive and full of happiness. Don’t eat too late though, otherwise you won’t sleep well.
  2. Get your lunch ready for tomorrow, especially if you have school or work to go to. If you do it now then you will have less to rush around to do in the morning and you’ll be able to start your day with one less thing to worry about – just remember to pick it up before you leave the house!
  3. If you work out in the evening, make sure you do it at least 3 hours before sleeping. This will let your body calm down a little bit before sleep thus letting you sleep better.
  4. Write in your journal/diary. You don’t want to carry today’s stresses to tomorrow so let them all out in your journal so you can start tomorrow fresh. Make sure you end the entry on a good note though, write a couple lines about things that made you happy today – even if they’re small – so you can get yourself into the habit of finding good things in the shittiest of days
  5. Put that midnight snack away. It will  mess with your sleep schedule as eating tells your body to wake up and also, you are much more likely to pack on the pounds by eating late at night – so, put the biscuits away and get some sleep!
  6. Clean off your make-up – properly. It won’t hurt to give your face a scrub afterwards as well, maybe even throw on a face mask. Look after your skin!
  7. Have a glass of water. This will help your hair, body and skin – it’s not caffeinated so it won’t keep you up and it’ll flush out all those horrible toxins leaving you feeling refreshed when you wake up tomorrow morning.
  8. Try and get to bed a little earlier than usual so you can make sure you get a good 7-8 hours sleep. Your body needs time to recuperate and recover from the day and the best way for it to do that is when you’re sleeping.
  9. Repeat your favourite inspirational or motivational quote before you go to sleep. Maybe you could write it down on some pretty paper and put it in a frame on your bedside table. It will help put you in the best mindset possible for the day ahead.

Hopefully these are useful tips and I haven’t just rambled on about rubbish – eat your veggies and sleep well!



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