Colour yourself calm // 5 Benefits of Adult Colouring

We all know how popular colouring has become recently and there’s good reason for it! There are so many pro’s to colouring, it’s unreal. I mean, for one – it’s so much fun. But for some people that’s not enough reason to give it a go so, read on.. 


Duh. Colouring is extremely calming. You just kind of zone in on it and lose yourself in it. Before you know it, an hour or so has passed and the only thing you can stress about is the aches you have from hunching over the colouring book. The section of the brain – called the amygdala – that gets activated in stressful and scary situations is relaxed a little bit when you colour, according to researchers. Colouring also sparks up the side of the brain that supports creativity. This is especially helpful for people who suffer with anxiety related disorders.


Colouring uses both sides of the brains cerebral cortex and is therefore considered as great exercise for the mind. Choosing the colours and pattern you want to use uses the logic-based part of your brain and you use the creative part when you actually colour – win-win! I guess it has the same kind of effect on your brain as doing a crossword. Either way, it’s good for your brain so get colouring!


There are many different ways to meditate. It has been said by many psychologists that colouring, mandalas in particular, help you experience many of the benefits of meditation such as inner calm and self realisation.

Focusing on mandalas again, psychologists believe that the pattern of the mandala itellf can represent the intricacy of the ‘self’.


Colouring may actually be able to help replace your negative thought patterns. Do you find yourself paralysed with worry at times? Sometimes for silly little things? Well colouring has been known to replace those negative thoughts and worries with more positive thought patters. So, next time you are overcome with anxiety and worries – pick up a colouring book!


These days more than ever, people are distracted a lot of the time. With our phones constantly buzzing and to-do list that never seem to get any smaller, it’s harder than ever to focus on what really matters. You.

Colouring is really great way to practice mindfulness. It encourages you to be in the here and now and collect your many racing thoughts. Yay for colouring!

Hopefully I have convinced you enough to get your hands on a colouring book and have some fun!


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