17 overdramatic thoughts that go through your mind when you have a cold

My darling sister decided that she would like to share the cold from hell with me, which was just lovely of her. So, I’m currently feeling extremely sorry for myself, curled up in bed so I thought I would make the best of the situation and write a post all about the most admittedly pathetic thoughts that go through everyone’s head when they have the common cold.

  1. Why did I ever take my good health and clear nose for granted?
  2. Google says it’s ‘just a cold’ but I’m pretty sure I’m on my death bed
  3. How long do you think it’ll take everyone to realize I’m dead. A few days? A week?
  4. Do they realise how lucky they are to be able to breath through their nose?
  5. I totally should have told my Mum I loved her on the phone last week. Going to text her that right now.
  6. I absolutely should NOT have Googled my symptoms. Shit.
  7. Kinda want to ask one of my friends to bring me soup but also don’t want to be the needy friend even though I’m pretty sure I’m dying.
  8. Don’t worry universe, I’ll just do these dishes by myself and hopefully I won’t collapse over the sink
  9. I’ve run out of tissues… maybe my pillowcase would do the job? Or a tea towel? Ew, I’m gross.
  10. Get a grip – it’s just a cold.
  11. But oh my god, my head hurts so much.
  12. Someone send help. And ice-cream.
  13. I can use this time wisely and finish that book or sort through my emails.
  14. I won’t this cold win, I’m going to be productive and get shit done.
  15. But my whole body hurts.
  16. I might just nap actually.

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